Iron Athlete Team Newsletter #1

Only 6 months left until Wildflower Long Course and Ironman St. George!  Only 8 months left until Ironman Coeur D’Alene! For more information about the team, read this and this.

Preparation Block 1- Week 1: We’re in the Preparation & Conditioning Period.

We’ll be in preparation/ conditioning mode for the next few weeks and the training load should feel pretty light as we get our connective tissue ready, injury proof ourselves and build our lower aerobic endurance. Enjoy it while it lasts and be patient and follow along with the plan and rest assured things will get much tougher.  Also, for those who have never disciplined themselves to train at low heart rates before you’ll find that you are quite weak at low heart rates.  Give yourself a few weeks to build a more powerful  aerobic engine and you’ll go much faster at lower heart rates (hint: this is probably the #1 key for IM success).

This is the time of year to take care of nagging things on your to-do list, see your family and friends, and keep your significant other happy (and warn them that you’ll be busy once you get closer to your goal race!).  It won’t be long until we are adding much more volume.  Remember that your engine will get strong faster than your connective tissue– we’ll give our connective tissue enough time to toughen up then we’ll start building our training load.  Don’t short cut this process!

Steps For Getting Started.

  • Consultation call- after you join the team we’ll set up an initial consultation call to discuss issues such as: you goals, which training plan you should choose and to set up initial training zones for you to use until we do testing.
  • Trainingpeakssign up for a Trainingpeaks account and link to me as your coach so I can upload your workouts (a free basic account is good enough, or get a premium account if you want additional features).
  • Zones- We’ll set up initial zones in our initial consultation, but we’ll be regularly testing to determine your zones in training  (and I’ll also tell you how to use your workouts to confirm that your zones are correct).
  • Choosing a training plan- We’ll discuss this in our consultation.  There will be various options to fit any athlete.  If you want a sample plan, tell me about yourself (goals, swim ability, run ability, how much training you’ve been doing recently, how much time you have to train) and I’ll load a sample for you into training peaks.
  • Equipment: at the very least you should have a heart rate monitor and cadence monitor for your bike.  You’ll also need a bike trainer (a fluid trainer is recommended) if you want to attend our weekly bike intervals workouts (and to give you an option train in the dark of winter).  The following are highly recommended, but not required:  a foot pod to track run cadence, a GPS or foot pod for run pace, and a power meter for your bike (expensive but incredibly powerful for getting the most out of yourself).
Coached Workouts and Office Hours Schedule For This Week:
  • Monday Swim: RSVP VIA EMAIL PLEASE (even if you decide to come last minute)! We’ll be meeting at Eagle Pool at 11:30 for our lunch time swim and 6:00 PM for our after work swim. Bring $6 for lap swim fees and try to arrive early so we can grab a couple of lanes (we’ll be joining lap swim at first, but I’ll get us our own space when the team grows or if working out during lap swim proves impracticable).  We’ll be focusing on technique with a mix of drills and aerobic swimming.
  • Tuesday Bike Intervals: Meet this week at Charleston Park in Mountain View (on the side of the park near Charleston Road) with your bike at either 8 AM or noon.  This week will be unusual since we’ll be doing loops out on the road instead of riding on our indoor trainers (so we don’t exclude people who haven’t had time to purchase a trainer yet).  Intervals will be mostly steady intensity (one level above easy) focusing on high and low cadence.  There will be one short section where we let it rip somewhat during each 10-12 minute loop, just to make sure we don’t get stuck in “one speed syndrome.”
  • Wednesday Run: On Wednesday we’ll meet at Charleston Park at 8 AM and at noon and for our weekly run.  I’ll introduce some concepts about running technique and go over a few drills and jumps and we’ll go out for a 30-50 minute aerobic run.
  • Saturday Long Ride: meet at Los Altos Peets – meet at 9 AM, roll out at 9:10.

A la carte options: Team membership is $150, but if you either (a) only want to show up to workouts and team events but don’t want a training plan OR (b) only want a training plan and office hours access, etc., but can make team workouts, you can get either option for $80/ month.

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