An Evening With Macca

Macca came to speak at the Cliff Bar HQ in Berkeley and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet him and hear him talk about his recent Kona victory.   I’m a huge Macca fan and I consider him a role model as far as being someone who persists in being himself and speaking what is on his mind despite, I imagine, getting some “interesting” feedback and pushback from others.

As a speaker, Macca didn’t disappoint.  Despite how calculating he is in planning how to win a race, Macca seems to speak honestly without too much regard for “saying the right thing.”  He was unfailingly engaging when talking about topics such as his feuds with Faris and Norman, handling the loss of his mother, and going on a year long campaign to create a pack of riders to break away from Crowie and “the runners.”

Here are 2 takeaways from my night with Macca:

  1. Set the Bar High– Keep Setting Goals That Seem Impossible. Macca acknowledged that this is a cliche, but that it is the secret to his success and motivation.  Case in point– he was told that he’d never win at Kona because he’s too big, bad at handling the heat and that his body is meant for short speedy events.   But Kona was his boyhood dream and being told it was impossible only made him want it more!  I remember the first time I mentioned to someone that I wanted to qualify for Kona– let’s just say the response wasn’t entirely supportive.  Bulletin board material!
  2. Don’t Let the World Get You Down. If you try to excel or stand out in anything, some people will try to pull you down, especially if you try to follow your own path to success.  And I can only imagine all the people that tried to put Macca “in his place” all those years he announced his intention to win Kona but failed.  He could have kept his mouth shut and become a boring, cliche spewing, safe clone, but he kept being himself and that is why he is the most interesting, compelling Ironman champion of this generation.  Remember, if everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong!

– KC

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  1. Mike says:


    Mike from EC….

    I love this:

    “Remember, if everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong!”

    Reminds me that we can only stay true to ourselves… try and please everyone so “they like you,” it ends up being fake!

    Truth is they way to live.

    good stuff.

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