Question of the Week #1 – Drinking and Training

About once a week I’ll post a question from the “Ask the Coach” page of the team web site on the blog.  This week’s question is from a thirsty team member from Seattle.

I’m not a heavy drinker but I do have a glass of wine probably 3x/week with dinner . . . and then 6 or 7 750mL bottles of hard liquor on the weekends (kidding! No booze). What are your thoughts on drinking and training? Do you drink when you’re training?

I don’t drink when I’m training… I usually wait until the workout is over.  But seriously, a glass of wine with dinner is completely OK.  My thought on drinking is that as long as you don’t drink so much that it negatively impacts your sleep, then it is harmless or even beneficial.  I do drink, especially early season.  I don’t drink often, but when I do I try to find the “sweet spot” of drinking enough to get nice and relaxed and happy, but not so much that I get a bad night of sleep, lose my inhibitions so much that I start stuffing my face with junk food, or negatively impact my training for the next day.  (Occasionally I’ll cross the “sweet spot” and I’ll beg Caroline to take me to McDonalds on the ride home).  Drinking in moderation and socializing is probably very good for your health and reduces stress. When I get closer to the race I’ll sometimes cut out drinking completely if I’m trying to lose weight, but this is more because I’ve been too loose with my nutrition than because I think the alcohol is going to negatively impact my training.  The key is to do some personal experimentation to see how much you can drink without it negatively impacting your sleep or training (my kind of experiment!)

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