Question of the Week: When you say I can do “more if feeling strong, confident …” at the end of an endurance ride, it’s worse than waterboarding by the CIA!!!

This weeks question came from a tortured team member who points out the coach’s  conundrum – by giving athletes the option to do less or more based on how they feel then you can help them find the correct training load for them, UNLESS they always just want to do the minimum or maximum!   For a very fit person during the winter time, I’d recommend capping the total of your Thursday and Saturday rides at 4 hours if you are riding indoors, 5-6 hours if you are riding outdoors.  This should be plenty to get the adaptations you need.  If you are not quite as fit / experienced, you can cap at 3.5 hours total hours indoors or 4.5 hours outdoors.   Remember these are CAPS, not targets.  Slowly raise your volume up toward these caps and see how your body responds.  If you seem to be improving it’s a sign that you found the correct volume– NOT that you should keep increasing your volume!

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