I Think It’s Time To Go To Santa Cruz – August 28, 2011

We’re Going Back to Santa Cruz August 28th!   TriForce is doing another training day at Santa Cruz.  We’ll swim the pier, then bike and run along the coast.  Athletes competing in Big Kahuna or the Santa Cruz Triathlon can use it as a rehearsal day.  Everyone else can just have a fun or challenging day of training.  All TriForcers and FOTFs (friends of TriForce) are welcome to attend.


8:30 am  Meet at the Pier, wetsuits on.

8:45   Into the water to practice drafting.

9:00  Swim Start! Timed swim around the Pier with race style bunch start.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to exercise self control at the start.  There will be no lifeguards and no “buddy system,” (unless you bring or find your own) so only swim if you’re willing to assume 100% responsibility for your own safety.  Athletes doing race rehearsals will transition very quickly after the swim and will start their rides.  The rest of us can take a more leisurely transition.

9:45ish Bike to the PCH.  I’ll ride with the group out to the PCH / Hwy 1.  Once we hit the PCH we’ll all ride at our own intensities.   You’re welcome to bring or find a buddy or group to join, but there is no guarantee that you won’t be riding alone.  There is no SAG support and no regrouping so don’t do the ride unless you’re 100% confident in your ability to ride on the open road, change a flat tire, etc.   Also, walk your bike across the railroad tracks– people crash all the time riding over them.  People can do their own choice of distance and intensity (HIM distance riders turn around at the light house, Olympic distance riders turn around at Davenport).  Ride back to the Pier.

Run.  When you get back from your ride you can do a transition run if you want.  To run on the race courses you’ll want to run up the little hill from the pier and stay on the pedestrian path.  You’ll want to stash your bike in your car (or someone else’s car).

Burrito.  We’ll grab burritos and Coronas afterwards if you want to stick around.  Since people will be finishing at different times it will be a little disorganized trying to meet up, but it usually seems to work out.  Olympic / shorter distance athletes might want to organize their own burrito fest if you don’t want to wait for me and the other HIM people to finish.

I hope to see you there!  For non team members (and team members), you’re required to fill out an online waiver to attend.  (No waiver, no training day).


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