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In this issue:  News: * Race Results * New Team Member * The TriForce Email Newsletter is Dead, Long Live the TriForce Blog Newsletter* Training: Coach Goes Nuclear * Training Zones Refresher

News: Race Results, New Team Member, The Newsletter is Now on The TriForce Site.


  • Congrats to Sian for taking 5th Place in Her Age Group at Xterra Nationals!  She was also the 14th amateur woman overall.  No wonder she’s smiling!  Sian is a true working age grouper (who does many of her workouts early in the AM before catching a flight).   You’re an inspiration!  Next stop– Xterra Worlds Maui!
  • Congrats to Alex “the Moose from Belarus” Sakhartchouk (getting ready to swim, above) On Finishing His First Olympic Triathlon at the Santa Cruz Triathlon this weekend.   I was especially impressed with Alex’s swim time since (I think) he never swam this far in his life!  He paced himself well and and finished strong (no surprise he didn’t bonk- judging by his Google+ page he was well fueled before the race with dozens of pancakes).
  • Hats Off To “Bring it Home” Guillaume (running above)  for his sub 2:30 finish at Santa Cruz.  Enjoy your recovery week then you start getting ready for IM Lanzarote!  Look out for more about Guillaume in this newsletter– he has given me permission to use all tools available (including publicly calling him out or calling his father) to get his attention if I think he’s slacking on his IM preparation.
  • Congrats to FOTF (Friend of TriForce) Mimi “Usually” Winsberg for (I think) winning her AG at Santa Cruz!  Looks like she’s fit & ready for Kona!
  • Welcome To New Team Member Barnaby (nickname TBD) from Santa Cruz.  Barnaby is making his return to triathlon and Ironman (he went 10:10 at Canada in 2003!) after a layoff of several years.  He’s a busy father who will be building up for IM Canada using the 10 Hours Per Week plan throughout the winter.  Welcome to the team!
  • The Newsletter is Moving To the Team Site (updates are now going to be blog posts).  Everyone who is now on the newsletter email list will get an invite to sign up to the TriForce site via feedburner (this will give you an update whenever I post on the team site). 

Training: The Nuclear Option For Recovery, A Zones Refresher

  •  From the Coach’s Training Log: The “Nuclear Option” For Recovery.   I’ve had this strange dead feeling in my quads when cycling (the same I mentioned in my IMCdA race report) for several weeks now.  They didn’t respond to any of the normal means of recovery (recovery weeks, easy spinning, stretching, massage, Graston), and they continued to feel bad even after babying them by sticking to high cadences and low power.  As a result I’ve had basically ZERO long rides getting ready for Kona.   What’s the only solution left?  Complete rest– the nuclear option.  I took a full week off of cycling and my quads felt significantly better today but not 100%.   I’ll baby them until Kona and we’ll see if there is any fitness hidden under this fatigue. 
  • Training Zones Refresher.  Here’s a quick and dirty summary of your training zones that I just wrote to Barnaby who will be training with perceived exertion until we test his zones:
1. Easy:
  • this is very easy; you can talk almost as if you’re just walking
2. Steady: 
  • just above easy
  • can definitely tell you’re “getting exercise” if you tune into your breathing even though it might seem moderate/ mild for people used to pushing harder
  •  increased respiration, but easy on the legs (for awhile);
  • Ironman intensity
3. Tempo/ Moderately Hard
  • feels “a little hard”; but still pretty moderate (for awhile)
  • lots of people train in this zone by default
  • half Ironman intensity for fit athletes
  • not really dealing with a lactate feeling in legs until you get near the top of your tempo zone (see sweet spot)
Sweet Spot (top of zone 3/ bottom of zone 4)
  • top of tempo zone / bottom of threshold zone; just at the point where you’re noticing lactate (but your body is easily clearing it)
  • about 90% of threshold power on bike
  • Olympic Distance intensity for fit athletes
4. Threshold
  • your 1 hour max effort in bike & run; your 1000 tt effort in swim
  • NOT breathing heavy here (if your breathing is loud you’re probably ABOVE your threshold)
  • your body is producing lactate and you are just keeping up with clearing the lactate
  • if you tried to speed up, you’d hit the wall and have to ease off within a few mins

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