TriForce Update– (Almost) End of Season Edition

“The only mistake I ever made in an Ironman is running too slow.” – TriForcer Rob Gray


In this issue: * coach will be in Ireland * good luck to Sian, Rob, Frederic and Elmar * join the TriForce Strava Club

Reminder- I’ll be in Ireland until 10/29.  All of your schedules should be fully loaded until 10/30.  I expect I’ll have limited access to email, but please do email me any questions you have and I’ll respond when I do get email access.  This month has been unusual as far as travel– when I get back things will return to business as usual and we’ll officially kick off the 2012 season.

The Finbar Coady Show- Ireland's #1 One Man Show! (according to

Good Luck to Everyone Racing in the Next Couple Weeks

    • Sian “The Afterburner” Turner is racing at the Xterra World Champs in Maui!  Good luck Sian– Lance says the course is “tough but fun” — so it sounds like just your type of course.  In case anyone is curious about the new Maui race course, here’s a video describing it:

  • Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray is doing the Morgan Hill Marathon This Weekend.  This weekend he finished up his last little taper workout of 3 hours of steady running plus several threshold intervals “until it hurt too much.”   (I don’t know why I encourage him by publishing this stuff!)  Good luck Rob– race smart & kill it!  The team has been crushing it in running races this year and the pressure is on you to keep the streak going!

  • Good luck to Elmar At the Beach to Battleship full IM distance race on 10/29.  Elmar prepared by following the TriForce 10 hours per week training plan.  Follow your nutrition plan, race smart & have fun!  Remember that wearing your TriForce top makes you 10% more aerodynamic.
  • Good Luck To Frederic “Fast Freddy the Frenchman” (pictured below) Who is competing in a half marathon on 10/30.  After his 10k PR we’re excited to see how he does at the half marathon distance!

Fast Freddy Flying in France!

TriForce Strava Club – Join

For those of you on, join the TriForce club.  The passcode is the name of a giant software company that rhymes with shmoogle.   If you’re on Strava follow me & I’ll follow you back– I love getting my morning emails telling me what you guys have been up to.   Plus, our club numbers look pretty bad since it’s just Sian right now!

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