TriForce Update- Halloween Edition!

In this exciting issue: Race Results: Congrats to Sian, Frédéric and Rob * The Return of “Question of the Week” * Coach is Back… Forever

Congrats to Sian!  She took 11th in her AG at XTerra world’s Maui.   This was an appropriate ending for a boo-tiful season full of wins and podium finishes.  I doubt many of her competitors had to overcome such a murderous work & travel schedule.  Great job, Sian!

Sian Braving the lava at Maui 2010

 Sian at Maui Last Year Braving the Lava Rocks

Congrats to Frédéric “Fast Freddy the Frenchman” for his 1:32 Half Marathon! (PR since it’s his first half marathon) This race was a tuneup for his upcoming full marathon and an encouraging sign that he’s well on track to achieve his ghoul of a sub 3:30!

Frédéric (left) with a Fellow Velizy Triathlon Club Member Post Race

Congrats To Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray on this 3:06 marathon (PR) at the Morgan Hill Marathon.  Rob was 9th place overall and first in his AG-  Congrats!  If you’re interested in the details, check out Rob’s race report.  Rob’s improving so much, it’s SCARY!  Congrats on a fangtastic race!

 Rob in GRAVE condition- it finally looks like he needs a recovery week.

Good luck to Monzy and Andre next weekend!  Post pics and race reports on the team site.

Andre “the Conscience” is doing IM Florida after an epic year of preparation that included the Death Ride and the World’s Toughest Half.  He’s on a roll with multiple PRs this year and a 100% smart execution record!  Knock em DEAD!

Monzy is doing the NYC marathon.  He’s been tearing it up in his races this year with a string of PRs.   BURY your competition.

I’m Back From Ireland– FOREVER!

If I never see another pint of Guinness it will be too soon.  I don’t foresee any more travel until Christmas, so be sure to keep your logs up to date every week!


Q: My legs felt recovered 4 days after my race.  But today I woke up with a headache, elevated heart rate, and since there’s been some flu going around I took a day of rest.  But I’ll be ready for full-on TriForce Run Base Training next week!  What level am I allowed to start on? 

A: Elevated HR, headache, etc is a sign of depressed immune function, which is quite common after a race  and a sign that even though your legs feel good your body would be better off with more rest (I’ve paid the price for ignoring those symptoms a few times and regretted it).   I’d recommend taking this upcoming week easy (heart rate zone 1) until at least Thursday.   1.5 weeks of recovery is still a quick turnaround after a race and you certainly won’t lose any fitness!

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