TriForce Update– I’m Back from Kona Edition

If a palm tree falls on Ali’i Drive and no one from TriForce hears it, does it make a sound?

NEWS: 10k race results for Clint and Frédéric  * good luck to Sian * partial list of team events for 2012 * TRAINING: new blog post on Embracing the Seasons of Training

Congrats to Frederic  & Clint!  Good Luck To Sian! (Alliteration Alert!)

Frédéric “Fast Freddy the Frenchman” Gaulupeau smashed his 10k PR by 3:15 and finished with a time of 39:16!   Between Monzy and Frederic the new TriForce run training plans almost have a 100% PR record!  I’m afraid to ruin the record when I do the Kaiser SF Half Marathon in February!   Félicitations Frédéric!

Also in the sub 40 minute 10k department, “Consistent Clint the Canadian” went 37 minutes earlier last week in his 10k.

When you search Google Images for “Clint Maxwell Triathlete” this picture is just a few rows down.  Clint– if this isn’t you, then send me a pic and I’ll update it!

And good luck to “Super Sian from South England” at the Xterra World Championship on Maui this weekend!

I’m Going To Ireland On Friday– I’ll be checking logs on Thursday instead of Sunday.  For those of you who are new, this is a very unusual month for me– I actually travel pretty rarely, I promise!  My brother and I are taking my father to Ireland to celebrate his retirement from this Friday (10/21) to the following Friday (10/28).  I anticipate that I’ll have very limited access to email, but when I do get access I will answer all questions that you guys send me– please don’t hesitate to email me- it makes me feel needed 😉

Coady’s Pub

Tentative Team Schedule for 2012

Here’s a list of possible events for next year.  Please provide your thoughts/ ideas on the team discussion group.

  • January: 10k race
  • February: Kaiser Half Marathon in SF, Possible Camp at Big Island of Hawaii
  • March: Solvang Training Camp, Oceanside 70.3
  • April: Wildflower Training Weekend, Santa Cruz Training Day
  • May: Wildflower Race Weekend (half IM, oly, sprint), Santa Cruz Training Day
  • June: IM Coeur D’Alene
  • August: Tahoe Camp?

Blog Posts

Embrace the Seasons Of Training (Especially This One!)

sian downhill MTB bike

Fall means low heart rate training, mild training load, and technique work. Although the training is the easiest of the year it usually brings rapid improvement. Winter means indoor cycling, long lonely runs in the hills, and some challenging work in the pool. For me Spring officially starts at Oceanside. This is when it’s time to head outdoors and do some good long rides and to test my fitness with a couple HIM races. Finally as summer approaches I’m doing my final race rehearsals and tapering down. Continue reading →

Kona Race Week – The Star Trek Convention of Triathlon


Kona’s Ali’i Drive, typically the kitschy “Fisherman’s Wharf” of the Big Island, becomes the center of the triathlon universe for the few days leading up to Kona (and probably the city most densely populated with attractive people in the world). …finish reading Kona Race Week – The Star Trek Convention of Triathlon

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