TriForce Update- Mega Edition

In this issue:  News: * Race Results * New Team Members *  Swim Zones and “Lanes” * Coach will be in Hawaii * Your Price Is Locked In For Life!* Lack of Privacy Policy- opt out! Training: * Swim Zones Spreadsheet & Swim “Lanes”  * Rob’s Ironman Recovery Post

I’ll be in Kona then Maui from This Wed Until The Following Friday.  I won’t be reading your training logs until 2 weeks from today, so if there’s anything I should know about your training or if you have any ?s or comments please email me!

TriForce Tri Tops Are In!   If you didn’t order one but you want one, let me know!  We have a couple extras and we’ll do another order as soon as we have close to 10 people who want one (we already have 2 people).  The final price is just $50 (I’ll add 5 bucks if you need me to ship it to you.)  I’ll send Google Checkout invoices to everyone who ordered them.

Sporting the New Tops at Before Last Weekend’s OW Swim at Shadowcliffs

Great Tri Top, But We Need A Better Model

    Race Results

  • Congrats to Our Resident Nerd Rapper Monzy (in picture below) on his race at the San Jose Half Marathon.  Monzy: “Perfect weather, course was flat as a pancake, and lots of bands and cheerleaders along the way to pump everyone up.  Only problem is I wasn’t disciplined enough to stick to my marathon pace and started speeding up… my 5k pace splits were 6:46, then 6:39, 6:38, and 6:21 for a finishing time of 1:26:26.  Guess I owe you a lot of pushups… may have to complete the pushups in an installment plan.”

  • Congrats to “Stormy Normy” Rohr on completing the California Triple Crown by finishing the Solvang Double Century in spring (loads of rain and cold wind), the Marin Double Century in August (lots and lots of climbing) and just last weekend the hell as hot Knoxville Double Century.  Norman’s eyeing the  Everest Challenge or Furnace Creek 508 for his next challenge. I need to make a mental note to keep you and Rob Gray separate!

Welcome to New Team Members!

  • Welcome To New Team Member Clint “Make My Day” Maxwell from Vancouver.  Clint is a speedy and consistent Ironman athlete (he’s finished with a few minutes of 10:30 every time he races) who is looking to take it to the next level.   Great to have you on board!
  • Also welcome to New Team Member Theo “Van” Goguely.  Theo will follow in the footsteps of his friend and TriForce legend Sian Turner by becoming our second Xterra team member.  He’s looking for tough indoor bike intervals to do over the wet English winters.   Welcome aboard!

Team Business

  • Your Price Is Locked For Life!  FYI, as long as your membership stays continuous (with maybe a couple months off for the off season) your price is locked for life!   A few years ago I went to a great hair stylist and she asked me to write her a yelp review– I wrote her a great one and it helped her business so much that she ended up raising her prices (for me too!).   The moral of the story– I appreciate everything you guys are doing to promote the team and your prices won’t go up!
  • “Lack of Privacy Policy”- opt out!  Please let me know if it’s NOT OK for me to: *post your full name in the newsletters * use my judgment to occasionally use parts of our email conversations that I deem not embarrassing as examples to post on the team Google Group or TriForce Page * post your race reports on the blog * etc., etc., *  PS– please note that the team Google Group is open to the public to read

Training: Blog Posts on Swim Zones & Guest Blogger Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray’s Post on Recovering from an Ironman (if anyone’s qualified to write about IM recovery, it’s Rob!)

7 Tips For A Speedy Ironman Recovery

rob gray vineman-run-crazy-quad

Today’s guest blogger is Rob “An Ironman per Day” Gray, a Googler I coach who just completed 3 full Ironman distance races in ten weeks (and he showed consistent improvement in his training and racing during that time).   He … finish reading 7 Tips For A Speedy Ironman Recovery

Determining Your Swim Zones

open water swim

This is the first in our series on figuring out your training zones.  We’ll start with your swim zones. CSS TEST INSTEAD OF 1000 TT: Instead of a 1000 yard swim TT (which people always seemed to skip), we test our …finish reading Determining Your Swim Zones

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