TriForce Update- 2011 Goes Out With a Bang!

Race Results: * Andre goes sub 12 at IMFL * Monzy qualifies for Boston at the NYC Marathon Guest Blog Post: “Tales of an Ironman (Spectator)” Training: * From the Coach’s Training Log- Prep Period Training (“I’m not just the coach of TriForce, I’m also a member!”)

Congrats to Andre “The Iron Conscience” on his sub 12 finish at IMFL!  This finishes off an amazing season for Andre with half marathon and half IM PRs, dramatically more handsome running form, finishing the World’s Toughest Half and the Death Ride and now a sub 12 finish at his first ever Ironman!  I can’t wait to see the tatoo!

Love the hat!

Congrats to “Mr. PR” Monzy on a blazing 3:03 (Boston Qualification!) at the NYC Marathon.  I thought the tracking site had a bug that made it print 6:59 every time you crossed a mat 😉  Monzy has done about a half dozen races this season, setting a PR in all of them!  He nailed his tough marathon specific prep training and lopped a whopping 5 min off of his marathon PR!  We’ll see what happens when you bump up your base training a couple levels!  (Sub 3!)


Congrats to FOTF Mimi “Usually” Winsberg for taking 5th place in her AG at ITU Long Course World Championships!  This is the last of her World Champs trio: before this she rocked the 70.3 Worlds in September, then Kona in October.  Now Mimi can relax by.. racing IM Arizona in a couple weeks!

Mimi at Kona. Picture courtesy of Caroline Bonita, spectator extraordinaire.

Tales of an Ironman (Spectator)


Today’s guest blogger is TriForce athlete, angel investor and my wife, Caroline Bontia.  I’m a super lucky guy to have a wife who is such an enthusiastic and talented spectator and photographer.  I asked Caroline to do a write up … finish reading Tales of an Ironman (Spectator)

From the Coach’s Training Log:

I’m Not Just the Coach of TriForce… I’m Also a Member!



From the Coach’s Training Log- My Prep Period Training To paraphrase Sy Sperling, I’m not just the coach of TriForce, I’m also a member.  That means I follow the same TriForce plans as the rest of the team.   I …finish reading I’m Not Just the Coach of TriForce… I’m Also a Member!

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