TriForce Update- Turkey Edition!

“I did it! I bred a turkey that has 6 legs!”
They all asked the farmer how it tasted.
“I don’t know” said the farmer. “I never could catch the darn thing!”

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This issue is so good you’re going to GOBBLE it up:  * Team News: * Race Results & Good Luck to This Weekend’s Racers *  Welcome to New Team Member Nicki * Training:  Recommended Toy * Logging Your Workouts- The key #s * Bad Holiday Puns & Much Much More


Giving Thanks: YAM grateful for the group we’ve got here at TriForce.  We have great team members continuing on from last season and an energetic new group coming in for 2012.  We finished the season with an amazing run of personal bests and race results and I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!

TriForce News:

Welcome To New Team Member Nicki From Brentwood!  Nicki is a strong marathoner & she’ll be doing her first ever Ironman with me, Rob I.M.A.D. Gray and Jake “the Majestic Horse” Bailey at IMCdA.   She’s only been on the team a week, but it’s obvious that she’s one of those team members (like Sian, Rob, Guillaume and Monzy to name a few of you) whose commitment to training inspires me to be a more dedicated athlete.   I think she’ll find her first Ironman to be easy as PIE.

Last Weekend A Group of 6 of Us Did A Low Heart Rate Time Trial on Canada Road.  Join us this weekend for a 30 minute time trial to determine our bike zones!  Details to follow on team discussion group.

Guillaume, Monzy, Andrew and Patrick (Rob Gray not in picture b/c he's eating nails)

Good Luck To Frederic “Fast Freddy the Frenchman” who will be racing a marathon this weekend!  Frederic smashed his PRs in his tuneup half marathon and 10k, so we’re expecting big things! The only way he can be stopped is if someone engages in FOWL play.

TriForcer Clint “Make My Day” Maxwell Will Be Doing the Seattle Half Marathon. Clint has had a couple nice tempo runs in his final buildup and we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes!  Good luck Clint- beat the STUFFING out of your competitors!

“Make My Day, Turkey”

Good Luck to Our Turkey Trotters Sian & Nicki.  Sian & Nicki will each be running a 10k this Thanksgiving.  Aim for a PR– anything better than that is just GRAVY.  

FOTF (Friend of TriForce) Mimi “Usually” Winsberg won her AG and broke the course record for her AG at IMAZ with a time of 10:19.  Amazing!   In the past couple of months Mimi did well at the 70.3 Worlds, Kona, ITU Long Course Worlds, and now this!  She can’t help but SQUASH the competition.

Team Apparel – Bike Jerseys, Run Singlets, Team Tri Uniforms, Etc

I’ve already heard from some of you re: TriForce apparel (see logo below modeled by Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray.)  In the next week or so I’m going to send you guys the a Google Checkout invoice so you can pay and I’ll put in the order.  We can order any “main items” (not accessories- so sorry- no hat to keep your WIGWAM) from Champion System, so feel free to check out their selection.

In addition, Rob and I have been exploring doing a team tri top order with Pactimo, which has had great reviews.  The tri tops we ordered from Champion System are handsome and well constructed, but they are somewhat heavy duty for hotter races and Iron Distance events (although I was comfortable in it at Kona).   We’ll keep you posted re: details about all the DRESSING options.



Christmas Toy – Rollers

Rollers are a great toy for learning to ride straight and to clean up your pedal stroke.   If you MASH on the pedals or have trouble riding a straight line, spending a couple of weeks learning to ride rollers will create  improvements in your pedal stroke and riding.  You might even want to quit riding your old trainer COLD TURKEY.  You can find a cheap set on sale at Nashbar or Performance for $100.   Be careful when starting off (ride in a narrow hallway)– the “fun” thing about rollers is that you can fall off!

Here’s a video of me using rollers + another favorite toy of mine, Powercranks to clean up my pedal stroke during my optional bike ride this week:

Logging Your Workouts & Tracking Your Training In The Early Season

The old saying “what gets measured gets managed” is true for triathltes.  The key numbers for you to watch throughout the season will change:

Preparation & Conditioning Period #s To Track:

  • track # of sessions per sport per week.  If you’re doing 3-4 moderate workouts per week per sport and you feel good & injury and niggle free, then you’re on the right track during the prep period.  It’s pretty simple (which is why I’m fairly hands off in the prep period, except to remind you to keep your HR low!)
Early  Base:
  • Track time spent in your steady zone for the bike & run.  If you have your heart rate zones programmed into trainingpeaks for the bike & run (see videos in links), then trainingpeaks can tell you how much time you’ve spent in each zone for each workout if you’ve uploaded your data.   Open up your workout, click “reports” on the bottom and look for the “heart rate by zones” chart (if it’s not there, click “add more charts” at the top right corner).  Make a note in your log of how much zone 2 time you logged (even if you use power, HR might be the best measure of this one since HR smooths out your effort a bit more).  You might be surprised by how little time your spending in zone 2 if you’re riding outside!
  • Weaker Swimmers Should Track # of Sessions / Week.   Stronger swimmers should start tracking yards/ week.  If you struggle with your technique or if you’re “out of shape” with your swimming, you’ll do better to hit the pool 4* in a week if you can schedule it.  Stronger swimmers can focus on gradually building their volume.


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