Minding Gaps In Your Triathlon Training

This week I came across this excellent article by Joe Friel on dealing with gaps in your training.  Joe Friel is the author of the Triathlete’s Training Bible (required reading) and he’s a huge influence on me as a coach.  (This weekend I’ll be attending a seminar by Joe on how to coach athletes using power).  Some good points the article makes:

  • Skipping a Day of Training.  Never hesitate to take it easy or to skip a workout if you feel you’re on the edge of getting sick, injured or run down.  Don’t try to “make up” for these missed workouts– just jump back into your schedule. Missing a day of training for a GOOD REASON is smart.
  • Missing a Week or Less of Training.   If you miss a week of training or less, you can just pick up with your training plan.  Coach Coady Notes: If you missed a week just because you were busy, travelling, etc., then we can count that as a recovery week and shift your schedule to start a new training block when you return (after you catch up on your sleep!).  If you missed due to illness or deep fatigue, then it doesn’t count as a recovery week and you’ll take your planned recovery week when it shows up on your schedule.
  • Missing More Than A Week or So.  Missing a big chunk of training (weeks) will result in lost fitness and we’ll have to shift your big picture training plan around and possibly even re-evaluate your goals depending on how close we are to your race.
Check out the rest of the article and Joe’s Blog here.  

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