TriForce Holiday Update!

Training Over the Holidays.  If you’re travelling for the holidays, don’t be a perfectionist about your training, but DO continue to be consistent with your training.  The simplest way to stay fit when travelling is to find a gym with a pool and to pay for some daily passes or a week pass if they offer one.   A quick swim followed by a brisk 45-60 min tempo ride on the spin bike followed by a brisk 30 min tempo run on the treadmill is a great maintenance workout.   Do it 3* in a week and you’ll maintain your fitness while leaving plenty of time for family and revelry.

My Gift To the Team: You can skip your workouts Saturday and Sunday, guilt free! (fine print: Guilt free skipping workouts is not transferable to other team members.  This offer only valid for TriForce members- all other athletes should feel terrible for not training on Christmas.  In the event a team member chooses to celebrate a holiday such as Hanukkah or Kwanza the 2 days can be transferred to those holidays provided said team member has a sincere belief in said holiday or religion.  This offer is not to be combined with any other offers.)

Speaking of Gifts, Here are Some Gifts I’m Giving Myself (or that I already have and would buy again):

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