TriForce Update!

In This Issue: Race Results: 4 Races, 4 PRs! * Upcoming Team Events * Dealing With Gaps in Your Training *  Cool Web Site- Virtual Swim

  • Congrats to Julie “J Clow” on her 5 mile race PR!  Julie has been a model of consistency despite her move, change of job, travel for work and book deadline and her hard work payed off!  She smashed her goal of sub 50 minutes and finished in 47:16!  Great job!

  • Nicki Turkey Trotted to a 10k PR and finished in 43:45!  She was second woman overall in her race– great job Nicki!

 nicki run

  • Sian Turkey Trotted her way to a PR as well!   She did a 45 min 10k, knocking 5 minutes off her previous best from 2008!

  • Congrats to Fast Freddy from France who PR’d in his marathon!  Frédéric fought through nasty cramps in the second half marathon to finish in a PR of 3:48.  Well done and we’ll work out that cramping before Challenge Roth! 

 Upcoming Team Events- Solvang Camp & Kaiser Half Marathon

Kaiser Half Marathon.  This fast course through Golden Gate Park is an official team event.   I believe this race sells out, so sign up ASAP.

Coach At Kaiser Half Marathon 2007

Solvang Camp.  We’ll be doing a training camp in Solvang from March 8 – March 11.  This will included doing the Solvang Century on March 10, which should be lots of fun.  The weekend is definitely “on,” so lock it into your calendars.  Details will follow.

Minding Gaps In Your Triathlon Training


This week I came across this excellent article by Joe Friel on dealing with gaps in your training.  Joe Friel is the author of the Triathlete’s Training Bible (required reading) and he’s a huge influence on me as a coach.  (This weekend …finish reading Minding Gaps In Your Triathlon Training

Cool Web Site– Virtual Swim.

By now you all know that I’m a huge fan of the swimsmooth materials, including their awesome 3D “Mr Smooth Console.”  They also have great resources re: swim types, including the swinger style stroke which can often be the best swim style for many of us (it’s the style I’m using myself).  (Check out this youtube video of Jodie Swallow using a swinger stroke.)  If you haven’t checked out & taken their quiz, I highly recommend it.

Virtual Swim is a great complement to the swimsmooth material and has some good animations of champion swimmers.  This one demonstrates a classic “smooth” swim stroke often used by very tall men in the pool (long reach, high elbow recovery, 6 beat kick).  This one demonstrates a  swinger stroke (straight arm recovery, 2 beat kick, high stroke rate).   This can look a bit ugly, but it’s the type of stroke used by many top open water swimmers and triathletes.


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