2012 Results

Some 2012 Highlights:

  • Guillaume got 9th in his AG at Kona World Champs! (9:49)
  • Sian was 10th overall & 5th in her AG at ITU CROSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.
  • Coach Coady sub 9 (8:56) at IM Arizona (25 min PR, Kona qualfication).
  • Theo qualified for Xterra World Champs Maui (twice).
  • Monzy breaks 3 hours for the first time (2:50 at Chicago Marathon)
  • 3 Boston Qualifiers (Coach Coady, Rob, Monzy)
  • Sian was first woman overall at the Marin Olympic Tri.

There is a * next to athletes who (at least reasonably) follow their plan and virtually always log their workouts.  I’m not trying to single people out– I just think it will be a good motivator to see the results of people who log their workouts!

This is a complete listing of all race results for the team in 2012– all results are included unless someone specifically asks me not to list something.  Click here to read some testimonials.


  • * Monzy was first in his AG, 2nd overall at the Brooks Falls Trail Run 30km
  • * Guillaume was third in his AG at the Brooks Falls Trail Run Half Marathon
  • * Rob Gray went 1:29:40 (PR) at the Dischem 21k South Africa
  • * Rob placed 5th in his AG African “Bushveld” 95k Bike Race
  • and many AG wins, podium finishes and PRs (see details below)
  • *Rob went 1:22 (PR) at the Kaiser SF Half Marathon
  • *Sian went 1:41 (5 minute PR) at the Kaiser SF Half Marathon
  • *Mike went 1:28 (5 minute PR) at the Kaiser SF Half Marathon
  • *Coach Coady went 1:17 (2 minute PR) at the Kaiser SF Half Marathon
  • *Alex went 1:53 at the Kaiser SF Half Marathon(PR, same pace he went for a 4 mile TT just a handful of months ago)
  • *Nicki went 1:36 at her half marathon (her 2nd best time)
  • Norman went 1:33 at the Kaiser SF Half Marathon (almost a PR and he rode 98 miles & drank the night before)
  • Clint went 1:23 at his half marathon
  • *Caroline got a PR in the Kaiser 5k
  • *Sian won her AG and was 2nd overall at the Stanford Treeathlon


  •  *Theo got 2nd in his AG & qualified for the Xterra Maui World Championships at Xterra Philippines
  • *Julie ran 2:19 (PR) at the NYC half marathon
  • Kent went 3:34 at the Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon
  • *Theo got 2nd in his AG (4th amateur) & qualified for Maui again at Xterra Saipan

OCEANSIDE 70.3 Results (view the link for race pix and more details)

  • *Coach Coady went 4:28 (PR) (3rd in my AG) qualifying for 70.3 world champs Vegas
  • *Rob went 4:46 (PR) despite a flat tire.   Rob is AFB on race day.
  • *Jake the Majestic Horse Bailey went 5:30
  • *Guillaume went 4:49 (PR) and got on the podium for placing 5th in his AG.
  • *Mike went 5:04 (a massive 21 minute PR)!
  • *Alex “The Moose From Belarus” – 6:30 (PR) in his half IM debut despite mechanical bull riding injuries.
  • *Sian went 5:25 (PR) including a half marathon PR of 1:40 (beating her Kaiser Half time– good job with the run training Sian!)


  • *Chad went 46:15 at the Kingston 10k.
  • Caroline set a PR the Run for the Parks 10k (11th out of 31 in AG)
  • *Nicki set a PR at the Hits Napa Valley Olympic this weekend–(first in her AG!) & finished with a strong 46 min 10k!  Great job.
  • *Sian raced well at got 6th in her AG at Xterra Vegas even though she spent the winter training for a 70.3. She was faster in all 3 legs compared to last year and showed off her new swim, coming out of the water 3rd in her AG.  Good job Sian!
  • Norman completed his first 250 mile race. He PR‘ed and arrived in the group of 4 that finished first. – 1 hour faster than last year’s finishers.
  • *Mike went 3:53 at this year’s brutally hot Boston Marathon
  • Clint did a 10k in 36:50.
  • Clint did a 10 mile race in 1:01:30.
  • *Pedro went 1:47 at his half marathon (PR)
  • *Sian went 2 hours at the Cat 1 MTB XC race at Sea Otter
  • *Michael F. won his age group at the San Jose Metro Sprint Triathlon (Duathlon) with a time of 1:05:53.
  • Ken “Old School” went 2:12 at the San Jose Metro Olympic Triathlon (Duathlon)
  • *Chad took 3rd place in his AG at the Trooper Duathlon (2 minute PR)
  • *Nicki won her age group at a 5k race on sand and gravel with a time of 21:56.
  • *Andrew Sellergren  earned a “Stellar Grin” going 5:38 (PR), reporting having had his “best race ever” at the finish!  Amazing job Andrew– you deserved it after riding your trainer outside of your office every wednesday for 2 hours.
  • Monzy went 5:25 (PR) to complete his first ever triathlon!  It’s hard core to make WF Long Course your first tri– way to pull it off, Monzy!
  • *Your beloved Coach Coady went 4:31 at Wildflower Long Course(2nd in my AG, qualifying for ITU Long Course World Champs), and finally cracking the 30 minute mark on the swim after many years of attempts.
  • G Funk “the Moose Hunter” went 6:36, shaving several minutes from his Oceanside swim, despite getting sick the week of the race.   Great job Funkman!
  • Chaitanya “Hard Core” Gharpure went 6:19 (PR) in his first ever half IM race.  He’s just hitting his stride with his training and we’re looking forward to a sub 6 finish at Big Kahuna!
  • “Prancing” Derrick Hansen went 6:03, narrowly missing his goal of sub 6.   He’s just getting the ball rolling with his IMAZ training–we’re going to see great results in his future.
  • *Alex “the Moose from Belarus” went 6:42, making a big improvement from his Oceanside swim & narrowly losing to his arch nemesis G-Funk.  He’s already plotting his next attempt to de-funk G-funk.
  • *Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray went 5:21 despite suffering a massive “asseizure” when mounting his bike and suffering gluteal cramps throughout the race, proving that his butt muscles are providing enough power to shave at least 30 min off of his time.
  • *Nicki went 6:12 (PR) in her first ever Half IM race, with a smart, well balanced race!  Nicki also won her AG at a 5k race last weekend.  Congrats– enjoy your recovery before our big final ramp up for IMCdA!  Nicki’s husband CJ also finished his first HIM race at WF in a time of 6:43.  The couple that runs together has funs together!
  • *Jake “the Majestic Horse” Bailey had a well paced, solid all around race, finishing in 5:45.   Great job, Jake!
  • Mike “Hacking” Coughlan & Norman “I eat century rides for breakfast” Rohr competed in relays.
  • *Guillaume “Road Grit” DeZwirek got 3rd in his age group at IM Lanzarote, finishing in 10:38.
  • *Rob got 2nd overall out of 97 at the Horseshoe Lake Trail half marathon
  • *Sian was 10th overall & 5th in her AG at ITU CROSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • Chaitanya “Hard Core” Gharpure went 2:21 (PR, 5th in AG), setting a 10k PR! at the Reservoir Olympic Triathlon.
  • *Mike C PR’d at the Hawaii 70.3 Honu, breaking 5 hours for the first time and getting 13th in his AG with a time of 4:56 in nasty conditions.
  • Kyle “The Flying Scotsman” completed his first ever triathlon
  • Clint the Canadian went 4:57 at the Oliver HIM.
  • Chaitanya PR’d at the Throwback 10k in a time of 39:08 (just 2 days after PRing at his Oly tri!)
  • Kent went 2:31 at the Deercreek Olympic Triathlon.
  • Monzy went 2:58 at the Burlington Marathon, PR, qualifying for Boston and breaking the 3 hour mark for the first time!
  • *Sian took 2nd in the 4 hour MTB challenge.
  • *Sian was 3rd place overall and 2nd her AG at XTerra Tahoe City with a 4 min faster run than last year on the same course.
  • *Rob went 10:05 (PR) (WITH BROKEN RIBS!) at IMCDA
  • *Jake went 12:08 (PR) in his first IM!
  • *Nicki went 13:14 (PR) in her first IM!
  • *Michael F went 4:46 (PR), 6th AG, at the Silicon Valley Long Course Half IM.
  • Monzy & Warren completed all 5 passes of the Death Ride.
  • *Guillaume got 2nd in his AG at Vineman 70.3 with a time of 4:41 (PR), allegedly following my directions to run at IM effort 😉
  • *Michael F went 4:54 at Vineman 70.3 backing up last month’s PR by breaking 5 hours again and knocking 15 min off his time from last year.
  • *Nicki went 5:43, (PR) at Vineman 70.3 smashing the 6 hour barrier for the first time.
  • *Pedro went 13:42 (PR) at IM Lake Placid.
  • *Mike C went 12:45 (PR) at IMLP
  • Kyle B went 12:19 at Full Vineman in his first ever IM (PR)
  • Derrick went 6:52 at the full Vineman Aquabike
  • *Sian was 3rd in her AG, 9th overall at the in the Vineman Barb’s Race Half IM with a time of 5:15 (PR)
  • Caroline got an 8 minute PR at the SF Half Marathon.
  •  Curtis “the Bull” Dozier ran the Escarpment Run in Windham, NY in 4:35.


  • G Funk went 12:54 PR going sub 13 for the first time at IM Mount Tremblant.
  • *Guillaume WON HIS AG, 7th overall at the Lake Tahoe Olympic Triathlon.
  • *Chad was 4th overall with a PR of 54:58  at his Club Sprint Race.
  • *Scott “Under the Wire” Sambucci went 5:20 (PR) (3rd in his AG) at the TBF HIM
  • *Sian “The Afterburner” Turner was 2nd in her AG (8th overall), at Xterra Tahoe, knocking a whopping 10 minutes off of her time from last year!
  • *Theo “Van” Goguely was 6th in his AG (14th overall) at Xterra Tahoe.


  • *Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray was 2nd overall at the Zombie Runner Vasona Lake half marathon
  • Monzy was 2nd in his AG at the Zombie Runner Vasona Lake half marathon
  • *Sian finished 2nd in cat 1, 3rd overall in her MTB race.
  • *Sian finished 7th in her AG at Xterra National Championships, Utah.
Big Kahuna HIM Triathlon (3 podiums, 4 PRs):
  • *Rob won his AG and was 5th overall including elites with a PR of 4:24
  • *Coach Coady was 2nd in his AG with a time of 4:30 racing at goal IM pace / power.
  • *Guillaume WON HIS AG a PR of 4:36, despite following my directions to cruise the run at IM heart rate.
  • Monzy won the Mankini Challenge finishing in 5:03 pulling off a massive 22 minute PR.
  • *Andrew had good news & bad news.  Good news: 29 minute PR of 5:09.  Bad news is that he’ll be sporting a Mankini on Thursday.
Santa Cruz Triathlon (3 PRs).
  • John “Snickers” Nickerson went 2:30 (PR) (7th in his AG) in his first ever Olympic distance tri smashing his goal time by 30 min.
  • Chaitanya went 2:29.
  • Kyle “the Flying Scotsman” went 3:02 (PR).
  • Warren went 2:53 (PR), breaking 3 hours for the first time.   


  • Ken “Old School” won the stroller division of the Palo Alto Moonlight Run.
  • *Chad finished strong (9th in his AG) with a time of 5:36 at the epic Survival of the Shawangunks.
  • TriForce Wales Captain Ioan Rees raced smart finished the nasty IM Wales in 14:04 on a bare bones training routine.  Well done!
  • *New team member Jason got a PR 2:13 at the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon!
  • *Chad took 3rd overall in the Rev 3 Hunter Mountain sprint tri.
  • *Curtis “the Bull” Dozier ran a course PR of 1:27:27 at the Dutchess County Classic (Half Marathon) 5th in AG, 23rd overall (Curtis: “I deserve an asterisk for the half marathon because I was a maniac about following your running plan.”)

  • Monzy went 2:50! at the Chicago Marathon (8 minute PR!, Boston Qualification)
  • *Sian went 1:37 PR at the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon.
  • *Guillaume won his AG at the Kukio Blue Water 1.2 mile OW swim in a time of 27 minutes (in speedo)
  • Warren went 1:43:39 at SJ R&R 1/2, missing his PR from 2009 by ~24 seconds
  • Alex “the Moose From Belarus” got a 6 minute PR at the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon with a time of 1:46!
  • Kyle “the Flying Scottsman” got a 5k PR of 23:13 knocking 0:35/mi off of his previous 5k PR pace.
  • *THEO finished solidly in the middle of his AG at XTERRA WORLD CHAMPS MAUI despite a flat tire.
  •  *Sian got a PR and was FIRST WOMAN OVERALL at the Marin Olympic Triathlon!
  • Theo was 5th place out of 50 athletes in his first cyclocross race.
  • Caroline went 4:41 (PR!) running 26.2 miles in Central Park on the original NYC marathon course when they cancelled this year’s NYC marathon!

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