TriForce Winter Update

In This Fantastic Issue:
 * Kudos To Rob, Andre & Sian * Price Increases (Not For You) * Weight Loss Challenge Update- 20 pounds lost and counting!  * Your Daily 5 Minutes of Motivation

Congrats to Rob Gray on Placing 5th in His AG at His First Bike Race.  I asked Rob to write a short note about the race:  “Last saturday I took part in my first road bike race, a 95km single loop course in the African “bushveld”. A road race pretty different to a tri because you start in “batches” with your age category, 3-5 mins apart, so to a large extent your overall success is dependent on how fast your group rides. The effort involved in riding without the group is significantly higher than with the group. For example I lost my group at a turnaround point, they were only about 150m ahead of me but it took 5 mins riding at almost 400 watts to catch them! I managed to stick with them after that, and I tried to use my TT advantage by breaking away with 2km to go, but they stuck on my wheel and outsprinted me… I ended up 5th in my age group with a very solid workout under the belt!”

Kudos to Andre for his perfect record of 30 runs in 30 days!

Kudos To Sian on Her New Sponsorship With Team Inov8.  Here’s her profile on the Inov8 site.   Very cool.

Price Increases (Not For You).  TriForce membership prices are going up to $149 / month for new members (from $99).    Current team members maintain their current price so long as they continually maintain their team membership (with up to 2 months free “off season” membership / year).    If you know anyone on a tight budget, we’ll still have a $99 membership option (big picture planning, training plan loaded in 6 week blocks, coach check in every 6 weeks, Q&A via Google Group Forum).

Weight Loss Challenge– 20+ Pounds Lost & Counting!  After a rough count, I calculate that team members who have taken up the weight loss challenge have lost over 20 pounds.  I’ve lost 6 pounds so far following the TriForce Diet (7 pounds left to go!) Update your thread on the weight loss forum with any progress, challenges, recipes, etc!


Your 5 Minute Motivational Ritual.  Log your workouts every night!   Upload your device files, input your swim yardage, and make a few notes about your session (how you felt, your pace or power for key parts of the workout).  Keep an eye on your weekly volume.  Do this for a week or two and you’ll start to take pride in your log.  You’ll feel like skipping that swim session, then reconsider after thinking about how ugly the gap will look in your log (or how pathetic it will look to only swim 4000 yards for the whole week).  The most motivated athletes on the team (Sian, Rob, Jake, Nicki and myself come to mind) all log their workouts promptly.    If you’re not logging workouts yet– get into the ritual!

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