Your Ironman Rehearsal Bricks

For Ironman races we’ll do a couple rehearsal workouts to help us dial in your nutrition, pacing and logistics.  Rehearsals should be long enough to give you some sense of whether your pacing plan is realistic, whether your nutrition plan seems on target, and whether your equipment choices make sense.  However, they shouldn’t be so long or challenging that you need more than a day or two to recover.  In other words, it’s not a race!

Monzy just doesn't get brick workouts...


Here’s one example of a rehearsal workout I’m doing tomorrow to prepare for IM Coeur D’Alene with some TriForcers:

Swim: 2*1.2 mile OW swim loop.  Stop and rest for :30 at each of the 3 buoys on the course.   Swim loop 1 at slightly easier than IM effort, loop w at goal IM effort / pace.

Transition: practice like on race day if possible

Bike: 2* 2.5-3 hour loop on terrain similar to race day.   Loop 1 at slightly lower than goal IM effort.  Loop 2 at goal IM effort.  Practice your pacing strategy meticulously (how much power to add on hills, coasting above certain speeds, getting more aero in headwind).   Also, practice race nutrition as closely as possible (same products at the same rate you’ll consume them on race day).   Also, use a similar bike setup (bottle, bento, rear holder, etc) to race day.  You might also practice with your race clothing and helmet.

Transition: practice like on race day if possible

Run: 2*4 miles at goal IM effort (walk 1:00 between reps).  Carry a bottle & practice taking in fluid / calories on the run.

In terms of attention to detail, treat this workout as seriously as you would a race.  If you’ve never done an Ironman (or had an Ironman race where you feel you “nailed it”), you should be extremely meticulous with this type of workout.  Get your stuff together the day before, write out a plan & think about it, and mentally prepare yourself to execute.

The payoff?  You’ll have piece of mind going into race day knowing that you’ve tested your nutrition, pacing and equipment ahead of time and maybe learned some hard lessons during this workout instead of having to learn them on race day to put them into the “next year” file.


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