A Legal Substance That Boosts Your Running

I’ve been experimenting with a substance this year to help my running. It’s called “grass.”   In particular, “lumpy grass.”

TriForcer Nicki & Coach About to Run on the Substance “Lumpy Grass”

This substance can:

  1. Decrease muscle damage.
  2. Help you recover more quickly.
  3. Decrease risk of stress fracture.
  4. Let you run more miles per week

Negative Side Effects Can Include:

  1. Boredom (if grass field is not very big)
  2. Loss of feedback from the ground unless you wear minimal shoes
  3. Loss of toughness in the quads if you don’t mix in harder surfaces.
  4. Increase risk of twisted ankle if the surface has holes.

Using Grass Responsibly:

  1. Early in the season use grass frequently to let you run more often while your legs are still toughening up.
  2. Grass is also recommended as you’re ramping your mileage.
  3. Once your mileage has ramped up close to your max & your body feels tougher, gradually start adding more harder surfaces to start toughening up your leg muscles.  (But use more grass whenever your legs feel “beat up”)
  4. Use more grass during your taper to allow your legs to stay fit with less micro trauma.

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