Lunch With Kona Runner Up Chris Lieto

TriForcer Andrew “Stellar Grin” Sellergren set up a great talk by Chris Lieto at the Google campus followed by a lunch with a small group of us.

TriForcers Kyle B (nickname TBD), “Snickers,” “Stellar Grin,” me, Chris Lieto,“The Flying Scotsman” and “Road Grit”

Chris’s talk focused on the power of setting huge (“unrealistic”) goals, believing in your potential, find your drive and purpose and taking big action to achieve your goals.  And more importantly, he talked about finding meaning in when you do NOT achieve your sporting goals.

Lieto shows off his g bike skills

Some notes:

  • One thing I admire about Chris is that his goal is to win Kona and he’s willing to take a big risk of having a longer, more painful day to give himself a chance to win.   If he’d hold back a bit more on the bike he’d be almost a lock for a prestigious top 10 or even top 5 finish, but he’s aiming for the #1 spot at all costs.  I’m not sure if I’d have the balls to race that way.
  • I didn’t realize it, but in the Kona where Lieto was passed by Crowie, he actually ran stride for stride with Crowie for a mile or two (watching the NBC coverage I got the impression that he only managed to keep up for a couple hundred yards.)
  • Chris didn’t start triathlon until the age of 25 and he quickly set the goal to become a world champion.  Needless to say, plenty of people thought he was out of his mind.
  • TriForcer Guillaume “Road Grit” was surprised to hear that Chris trains about 17-23 hours on an “average” week.   No, you don’t need to train 30 hours per week year round to be a top pro!
  • Chris started the charity More Than Sport.  He did a race in Mexico where he saw the poverty that existed just a short bike ride from the expensive all- inclusive resort where the athletes stayed.  It hit him that if triathletes just spent a tiny portion of what they spend on races to help out they could make a huge difference.  I’m sure all of us have thought something similar at some point, but Chris actually did something about it.
Chris was a super friendly guy and happy to answer all our tri-geek questions.  Thanks so much to Chris for coming out & to Andrew for organizing Chris’s visit to Google.    To find out more or to get involved with or donate to More Than Sport click on the link.

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  1. Michele says:

    Good to learn about an athlete who isn’t just all about the PR or PB time, and it’s very inspiring to learn about his More Than Sport!!

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