Big Kahuna HIM – And the Mankini Goes To…

TriForce Mankini 2012 Challenge

Andrew Sellergren, a Drew-kini! Congratulations to Monzy!

Monzy’s Race Report: “Wow, the 2012 Mankini Challenge could not have been much closer. It’s crazy that Andrew and I didn’t see each other on the run, because the course is an out-and-back the entire way except for one tiny divergence on mile 6 (pictured below), which is where we must have circled past each other.

That run was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I knew Andrew was far ahead of me at the start, but when I got to mile 5 and I still hadn’t seen him coming the other way, I knew I had a shot at catching up. My confidence kept increasing as I passed mile 6 with still no sign of Andrew. By mile 6.5, a feeling of smug complacency began washing over me. Then I hit the turnaround and complacency gave way to panic as I realized that somehow I had not encountered Andrew, and he was still ahead by a completely unknown amount. At that low point I really thought there was a mankini in my future.

Andrew was in a different age group that started 8 minutes ahead of me, so I didn’t actually have to catch up to him; I just had to finish less than 8 minutes after he did. I never did catch him, and I crossed the finish still thinking he had probably come out ahead. But miraculously it turned out I had closed the gap. If I recall correctly from the printouts of the race results, Andrew was 11 minutes faster than me on the swim and 5 minutes faster on the bike, but I gained 20 minutes on the run.

Kevin, perhaps you should trademark the Mankini Method. It was an extremely powerful motivator. Whenever I began losing focus and noticed my pace or power dropping, I pictured the embarrassing spectacle of jiggling man-bits that would surely be my fate if I didn’t fully commit to the race.”

Andrew’s Race Report:  “Epic race. Gotta hand it to Monzy. We somehow never saw each other until the finish line even though both the bike and the run were out and back.  My approximate splits were 28ish on the swim, 2:40 on the bike, and 1:52 on the run.  Monzy said he was 40 on the swim and not sure on the bike, but 1:33 on the run (wtf!).  Pretty sure he made up about 20 minutes on me on the run.  Comeback of the century.  Was standing with John at the finish line and right as he was saying “Dude I think you got Monzy,” I turned to the finish line and just said “No fucking way” when I saw him come in.  He beat me by ~2 minutes.


Also, a crazy testament to how good our team is.  I went 5:09 (PR by 29 minutes!) and was the slowest of our 5 out there.  You guys are insane.  Congrats to Guillaume, Rob, and Kevin in addition to Monzy. I highly recommend the mankini as a PR motivator.  Monzy dropped about 18 minutes, as well.”

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