Mankini Time!

The hardest part of making a mankini bet is paying up!  Sometimes life isn’t fair– Andrew had a 29 minute PR at the Big Kahuna Triathlon but lost to Monzy who had a 22 minute PR!  Both said that the threat of having to wear a Mankini was the ultimate race motivation!

        The Mankini handoff.

Attendance for hill reps was near record levels!   The mankini really “packs them in,” so to speak.  Andrew prepares to “mankini up.”

Victor and vanquished both “had a ball.”  Thanks to some aggressive “manscaping” I must admit Andrew looks pretty darn good in a mankini. (Image censored to protect the innocent.)

Andrew runs 1.5 miles uphill at around 7:30 / mile pace.  Thanks to the mankini, his run posture was the best it’s ever looked (slouching in mankini causes problems!).   Caroline plays “Chariots of Fire” as he takes off.  The “lunch runners” were waiting on course to stuff cash into the mankini.  People pledged $1 per .1 mile for Livestrong or More Than Sport, so by doing the 1.5 mile hill he raised extra money.  

Everyone looks away as Andrew puts his pants back on.  Like someone passing a car accident, I can’t help but look. (Image censored again to protect the innocent.)

 3 cheers for Andrew and his mankini– hip, hip, hooray!

To see a video of Andrew running the 1.5 miles up the hill, make a donation of $0.10 / mile ($15) here.  Proceeds will go to More Than Sport and Livestrong.

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