Kona 2012- The First Three Days

Courtesy of a car crashing into me at IMCDA I have the opportunity to come to Kona as a coach and spectator instead of as an athlete.  I’ve been here on the Big Island for a few days with TriForcer Guillaume “Road Grit” DeZwirek who qualfied for Kona by winning his age group at IMCdA.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Dropped by “dig me beach” for a swim

On Guillaume’s first day in Kona he went to the Pier and saw Craig Alexander getting out of the water.  Then he saw Macca getting into the water for a swim and Guillaume hopped onto his feet to draft off the 2* Kona champion.  The next day we saw former champ Norman Stadler at the legendary Lava Java, which adds up to 7 world championships!



Sharpening & Tapering Guillaume.  I’ve been keeping an eye on Guillaume’s taper and all is well.  He won his AG at the HIM distance Kukio OW swim race, he’s posting lifetime best run pace versus heart rate, and he’s dropping me while riding at goal IM watts on the Queen K!  

All systems are go!  All that’s left are is joining the shirtless masses on Alii Drive for some short runs and heading out to the legendary Queen K for some short rides to keep him sharp!  

Get Acai Bowls From Basik Cafe (I’m not sure what Acai is, but it’s tasty!)


shop for awesome merchandise (FYI, there was an episdode of Magnum where he did the IM back when it was in Oahu).

Swim & Bike (And Dress For Success!)

Get A Drink At The Royal Kona Hotel (Can you see the dolphins?)

Get free ART from ART at the ART tent from practitioner extraordinaire Michelle Caplan (from Mountain View).  Guillaume got a massage from Byron Thomas, massage therapist to Leanda Cave and Matty Reid.


Guillaume & I meet up with FOTF (Friend of TriForce) Mimi “Usually” Winsberg for a swim out to the Coffees of Hawaii boat

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