TriForce Does the Double (Pleasanton Double Road Race)

We had 7 TriForcers race the Pleasanton Double Road Race today.  The race consists of a 10k run, a 1 hour break, then a 5k.

Rob woke up at 3 am to bike 50 miles from Los Gatos to Pleasanton for the race.


First we raced the 10k in the rain.  I think it was my first ever stand alone 10k– I like the distance!  I planned to jog the 10k since I’m just coming back to training after IMAZ, but the competitive instincts came out and I race it at a 97% effort — hopefully leaving enough in the tank to race the 5k well.  I was fat & out of shape, but I was feisty.

10k results:

  • Coady: 37:05
  • Rob: 37:58
  • Chaitanya: 38:04
  • Guillaume: 40:40
  • Monzy: 39:28
  • Kyle: 48:03 (big PR)
  • Caroline: 59:58 (big PR)


We jogged about 20 min then kept warm in the gym during the 1 hour break.   They had a cool setup with spin bikes, elliptical trainers and foam rollers to get us ready to race again.  From left to right: Chaitanya, Monzy, Me, Guillaume, Rob (not in picture- Kyle, Caroline).

I like how the bearded gentleman is wearing TriForce colors.

Caroline & her sister Cristina– sisters that runs together has funs together.

Guillaume & I get in some abs while Rob rolls his quads.

Next we lined up to race the 5k.  Rob & I were late for the start so we had to run around everyone.  I was impressed that no one imploded too badly for the 5k.

5k results (overall placing in AG for the double).   Looks like only Guillaume, Monzy and I managed a faster pace for our 5k versus the 10k.

  • Coady: 18:14 (2nd  / 30 in AG for the double)
  • Rob: 19:43 (3rd / 30 in AG for the double)
  • Chaitanya: 19:16 (8th / 44 in AG)
  • Guillaume (20:09  (5th / 19 in AG)
  • Monzy: 20:49 (10th / 44 in AG)
  • Kyle: 24:45 (22nd / 35 in AG)
  • Caroline: 30:00 (37/ 55 in AG)
Afterwards Guillaume busted out his sack of speedos and me, Rob, Guillaume, Monzy and Chaitanya hit the hot tub at Clubsport Pleasanton .
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