2013 Results

2013 Highlights so far:

  • Rob Gray won the 35-39 AG and was 3rd overall including elites  with a time of 4:19 at Big Kahuna, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Michael Coughlan finished 9th AG, 470th overall with a 15min PR@4:30 at 70.3 Timberman and qualified for World Championship at Mt. Tremblant in 2014.
  • Rob was 2ND in his AG at IM Los Cabos (9:42) &  qualified for Kona Ironman World Championship!
  • Sian FIRST WOMAN OVERALL at XTerra Granite Bay!
  • TriForce dominates Oceanside 70.3 (wins the club title by 11,000 points, 6 sub 5s, 9 PRs!)
  • 11 PRs at Kaiser Half Marathon!
  • Li went 2:51 at the Boston Marathon (3 min. PR!),  Monzy went 2:56 at Boston.
  • Monzy & Sian first man & woman overall at the Horseshoe Trail Half Marathon. Theo first overall at the Berry Creek Trail 10k.
  • Coach Coady wins his AG at Wildflower Long Course.


TriForce at Kaiser Half Marathon: A Festival of (11) PRs!

Andrew and Mike

We had 12 TriForcers (or Googlers) I coach (and 1 alum) racing this weekend in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park.  11 PR’d (including everyone who raced here last year).   An especially strong showing considering that I made most of … finish reading TriForce at Kaiser Half Marathon: A Festival of (11) PRs!

    • Rob: 1:21 (top 10 in his AG) PR
    • Mike “Hacking” Coughlan (Right) 1:22 (WOW!) (PR!)
    • Andrew “Mankini” Sellergren (photo above, left) : 1:24 (PR!)
    • Sian: 1:35 big PR
    •  Snickers (left): 1:36 (almost PR, at mile 4 started disobeying directive to jog)
    • Ken (3rd from left): 1:48 PR!
    • Me (2nd from right) 17:24 5k, 9th place overall (was actually 3.3 miles, came through 5k @ 16:15PR!
    • Li (not pictured) 1:24 PR!
    • Caroline: 2:08 PR! (3rd from right, massive 13 min PR!)
    • Kyle 1:44 (PR!)  The “Flying Scottsman” continues to grow his legend.
    • David: 1:52 PR!
    • Funk 1:46 (almost PR), beating his goal time by 10 min!
    •  TriForce Alum Andre (yellow shirt): 1:43 PR!


  • Chad was FIRST IN HIS AG, 5th overall in the YMCA  Indoor Triathlon

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