Adjusting Your Plan To Fit Your Changing Life

My schedule at the end of the week NEVER ends up looking like how Kevin
sets it up at the start of the week but somehow most stuff ends up
getting done! And like Kevin says I’d much rather have some form of
consistency than try and be anywhere close to perfect – too many
external factors tend to appear for me however hard I try to make
training a priority. Travelling for work also screws up any fixed plans
as well so I find I juggle things around as much as I need to make the
best of the time I have.

– Sian “The Afterburner” Turner, Xterra Maui Qualifier and first woman overall at the Marin Olympic Triathlon

The suggested schedule in most TriForce training plans is a balance between what is doable for most  busy age groupers and what I have found is the most effective way to lay out your training week.   But I encourage athletes to make changes in their Traininpeaks calendar to help their plans to fit their lives.  Don’t let perfectionism interfere with your consistency. Even though the below options are not “ideal”, they  will keep you quite fit:

*  With your trainingpeaks premium account  you can drag and drop workouts to whatever days of the week work best for you.  Something came up on Tuesday?  Drag your swim to Wednesday.  Just avoid doing back-to-back challenging workouts in the same sport  if possible.  And  try not to make a habit of dragging your entire schedule to the weekend (also known as the Guillaume scheduling method)

* cut your weekday rides down to one hour each but then ride longer on the weekend (e.g. 1 hour, 1 hour, 5 hours instead of a scheduled 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 4 hours.

* If you don’t have much time for biking, leave your bike on the trainer and do a short workout such as 2×20 minutes at a sweet spot effort with three minutes recovery,  45 minutes nonstop zone three, or 60 minutes nonstop upper zone two.

*  spread your run miles out over the week in a way that works best for you, e.g.: three medium long runs, lots of short runs plus one long run, or some other combination that fits your schedule (just don’t make your long run too much longer than suggested)

*If you can only get to the pool twice, do your threshold swim and your distance swim.  And if you have time add a bit of extra pulling to those workouts to get in some extra yards. Try to add one or two days of stretch cords pulls (high elbow pulls)  to supplement your swimming.

Don’t be a perfectionist- be flexible.  Flexibility leads to consistency.  Consistency leads to speed!

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