The Forcie Awards 2012!

2012 was an amazing year for TriForce.  Tons of PRs, championship qualifications, and team members overcoming adversity to keep training and racing.  To honor the outstanding character of our team members, we present “The Forcies” — the most prestigious award you can win in the sport of triathlon.   Each Forcie winner gets a certificate, suitable for framing (link to certificates).  Some local TriForcers were able to receive their Forcies in person at our holiday party, some are first learning of this incredible honor just as this is becoming public.

Without further ado, here are the 2012 Forcie Awards (in no particular order):

  • The Fast Adapter Award:  Chaitanya.  For getting ridiculously fast after 2 months of training.
  • The Best Dressed Baby Award: Luke.  For being the youngest person ever to don The Red F.

  • Coolest Name: A Tie!  Between Funk & Koul.
  • Most Improved: Kyle M.  For his outrageous weight loss and speed increases in 2012.
  • Most Wiley Marathoner: Monzy.  For wind cheating performance at CIM.
  • Lava Forcie:  Guillaume. For not passing out until AFTER the Kona finish line.
  • Most Likely To Obey A Ridiculous Typo in His Training Plan: Rob Gray.  For always making me nervous I’ll accidentally add a zero somewhere.
  • Most Likely to Win Most Improved in 2013.  Eric.  For showing all the traits of a  successful TriForcer in his first months on the team.
  • The Optimist Award: Theo.  For believing against all evidence that road triathletes can become good MTBers and for believing that training to become fast doesn’t have to be boring.
  • The Donner Award: Sian.  For pressing onward in her workouts in the deep Tahoe snow (but hopefully never having to eat Dennis).
  • The “Real Kyle” Award:  Kyle B.  For out-attending Kyle M. in December.
  • The Canuck Award: Alex.  For embracing his Canadian heritage by planning to race IMCh with poutine in his bento box.
  • The Rolex Award: Jake.  For perfectly timing his morning workouts to catch the train just in time.
  • The Vaseline Award: Mike Coughlan. For being the most chafed TriForcer in 2012.
  • The Bike Run Swim Run Swim Run Swim Run Award: Chad.  For his outstanding performance in the epic Survival of the Shawangunks race.
  • The Alarm Clock Award: Justin.  For outstanding service to the team by motivating his coach to get out of bed Friday mornings for bike rides.
  • The Neil Armstrong Award: Norman.  For pursuing his goal of accumulating enough vertical elevation on his bike to reach the moon.
  • The “Norman of the Water” Award: Derrick.  For completing 100*100 swim on New Year’s Day on a ridiculous interval (1:25s & 1:20s)
  • The Ambassador Award: Ioan.  For distinguished service as the TriForce Wales team captain.
  • The Innovator Award.   Dan P.  For his breakthrough training program “Sub 12 Ironman in 20 hours per week of salsa” which allowed him to go 11:42 in IMCOZ.
  • Most Likely to Succeed By 2 Seconds Award.  Scott “Under the Wire” Sambucci. For always achieving his IM goal (by a minute or two!)
  • The Rocky Award.  Jason.  For regularly time trialing up the steps at his work.
  • The Epictitus Award.  Curtis. For Stoic resolve in facing the east coast winters.
  • The Make My Job Easy Award.  Warren.  For giving me a year to just shave a couple of minutes off his Wildflower Olympic Distance time.
  • Golden Stroller Award.  Ken.  For dominating the stroller division at the Palo Alto Moonlight Run.
  • The Smiling Rookie Award: David.  For always being in a good mood at bike intervals, no matter how hard the threshold intervals get.
  • The Double Sombrero Award: Wil.  For targeting IM Cozumel & IM Cabo back to back.
  • The Badass Award: Caroline.  For running 26.2 miles in Central Park by herself after they cancelled the NYC marathon.
  • The Fresh Air Award: Pedro.  For getting 40 extra watts of power when he switches from indoor to outdoor riding.
  • The Natural Swimmer Award: Andre.   For being able to swim fast without practicing.
  • The Queen K Award: Dean.  For qualifying for Kona for the first time this year at IMLV.
  • The Calorie Creator Award: Kent.  His farm is trying to produce calories quicker than the team can burn them.
  • The 10 Hours Per Week Award: Elmar.  For his outstanding performance at IMAZ on the 10 hour plan.
  • The Positive Attitude Award: Nicki. For smiling throughout her first Ironman at IMCDA.
  • The Manscaping Award: Andrew.  For outstanding male grooming before he had to run in the mankini.
  • Most Likely to Win the Manscaping Award in 2013:  John “Snickers” Nickerson.  He’ll find that he’s about 10 seconds / 100 faster in the water and about 1 mph faster on the bike if he shaves off just some of his body hair.



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