TriForce Virtual Sprint Triathlon – Results!

I  want to say that I’m pretty much ecstatic right now.  Almost exactly a year ago I did the same TT and I put out 235 watts for the half hour.  Today I put out 288 watts.  I realize I’m probably preaching to the choir, but Kevin’s coaching really works!  50+ watts in a year!  Follow your training plans, people!  I love this team.

– Triforcer Andrew “Mankini” Sellergren sporting a “stellar grin” after his 12 mile TT result.

Rob pulls out all the aero stops to go for pass me for the win.

The challenge:

  • do a 400 yard TT in the pool (alone, start in the water)
  • do a 12 mile bike TT (alone, start & end at the same spot)
  • do a 5k run (start and end at the same spot)
  • do them separately over the course of a couple weeks
  • enter them in the spreadsheet & beat your fellow TriForcers
The numbers were pretty good for the off season.  These numbers are just a baseline– next time we do the sprint tri the winners will be based on who improved the most.


     “As I made the u-turn, I saw that I was on track at 310 watts, it was now time to bury myself on the return journey. My legs now felt much better, so I turned on a little more juice, cranking it up to 330 watts, feeling the lactate burning through my veins and sensing the faint taste of blood in my mouth. By the time I got to Edgewood road it felt like I was about to drop dead, but the image of Kevin smiling smugly from behind his fancy trainer work desk keep me pumping the quads.

     There was now a long uphill to content with. I got out of the saddle and drove forward with everything I had, my power meter was reading 407, 435, 398… I kept going. My avg power was creeping up: 315, 316, 317… I crested the hill and started the short descent to the stop sign, cranking as hard as I could.   Of course when I got to the stop sign  I came to a complete stop, put my foot down and started up slowly and cautiously. I definitely did not blow through it as fast as I could.

     It was now pretty much flat towards the finish. I threw up a little bit, a comforting sign that I was riding hard enough. My garmin was now reading 319 watts, and I pushed extra hard to get it over 320.  I started to get tunnel vision, but I could see the bridge ahead, ushering me home towards the 12 mile mark. I made a final push, now struggling to see through the dark tunnels that had enveloped my vision. As I crossed the finish line, I glanced down at my garmin, and could only just make out my lap time… In my state I couldn’t calculate whether or not I had indeed ridden faster enough to beat Kevin… my wattage, reading 321 was more than I had expected, but I’d have to figure out my time split once I got home and uploaded the file… was my huge effort enough to have sneaked past the leader…?

– Sprint Tri Winner Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray on his 320 watt TT winning effort.  Rob just finished a 4 week training block which raised his TT power from 290 watts to 320 while still doing plenty of endurance work.

Triathlon Results:

Sian wins the women’s division.  Rob wins the men’s.

Aquabike Results:

Duathlon Results

Aquathlon Results

Swim Results:

Bike Results:

Run Results:


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