TriForce at Kaiser Half Marathon: A Festival of (11) PRs!

 We had 12 TriForcers (or Googlers) I coach (and 1 alum) racing this weekend in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park.  11 PR’d (including everyone who raced here last year).   An especially strong showing considering that I made most of them ride long the day before!
Mike “Hacking” Coughlan (Right) 1:22 (WOW!) (PR!)  
“We saw kevin and both proceeded to complain: sub-threshold will do that to a person. (coaches note: if you feel good enough to goof off at mile 8, then you have no reason to complain!)”
Andrew “Mankini” Sellergren (photo above, left) : 1:24 (PR!)
“1:24:28 (6:27 pace). 117th out of 5,541. Credit to Team TriForce (Coach Coady)!”
Coach’s note: the credit is all yours Andrew!
Rob: 1:21 (top 10 in his AG) PR
“I started pushing harder at the turnaround because I saw Mike and Andrew hot on my heels and I thought they might catch me!”
Sian: 1:35 big PR   
“I actually felt remarkably good at the turnaround so told myself it was just 5km home and went for it.  Close to 2mins PR  and nearly 5mins faster than Kaiser last year…I’m quite convinced that 30runs in 30days has some science behind it.  As well as the faster pace…my legs felt solid the whole way… I was able to push my heart rate high for a long period of time and my legs could keep up.”  
Snickers (left): 1:36 (almost PR, at mile 4 started disobeying directive to jog)
“Ended up racing way faster than I should have (Kevin will agree), but as I felt good and I wasn’t having any pain issues I felt like it was okay. I’ll likely pay for this later. Ended up with a 1:36 and change which is 3 minutes slower than my PR from last year. I attribute everything to the overall fitness and methodology that Kevin has taught us during training.” 
Ken (3rd from left): 1:48 PR!
Me (2nd from right) 17:24 5k, 9th place overall (was actually 3.3 miles, came through 5k @ 16:15) PR!
Li (not pictured) 1:24 PR!
Caroline: 2:08 PR! (3rd from right, massive 13 min PR!)  
I’m patting myself on the back for hitting my milestone of sub-10 pace. I’ve never broken this zone in any race day. My goal was to sneak into 2:15 from my last 2:21 half marathon this past June. Kevin has always told me that consistently running all year round pays off. This past year has been my year of consistent training. I could only muster a 5K last year at Kaiser. To run the 1/2 this year and shave 13min was a huge leap for me.”
Kyle 1:44 (PR!)  The “Flying Scottsman” continues to grow his legend.
“I had a 2-minute buffer against 8:00/mi with 4 miles to go, wasn’t going to make 1:40, didn’t think I’d fall back to 1:45, so kept it steady at 7:50-8:00 for about 1.5 miles.  And then, suddenly, I could hear Phil Liggett’s voice narrating the Tour de Kaiser Half in my head: “McEachern has cracked!  He’s fading quickly!  If he doesn’t turn himself absolutely inside out, his main chaser, Number 1:45, will catch him!”  I convinced myself that I was simply outrunning the real pain in my legs – that it was hovering right behind me, keeping a steady 8:15 pace…”
David: 1:52 PR!
Funk 1:46 (almost PR), beating his goal time by 10 min!
TriForce Alum Andre (yellow shirt): 1:43 PR!  
“A new PR for me – I have no idea how I got to that with the kind of limited running I did recently 🙂  It was great to see all the TriForce gear at the race – you guys are FAST!  (Andre still holds the TF record for most improved run form).”

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