TriForce wins the club championship at IMCDA

TriForce won the division V club award at IMCDA last weekend.   Check out the pics of Andrew (in speedo in front of everyone at awards) accepting the trophy from Mike Reilly with Snickers.

Highlights of the day include John “Snickers” Nickerson going 10:30 in his first IM (actually his first year as a triathlete!), Andrew “Mankini” Sellergren getting a 4 hour PR of 11:30, Jake “the Majestic Horse” Bailey going sub 12 for the first time, and Nicki “Tremendes” Hemenes going sub 13 for the first time.  Triforcers Jason “Tippecanoe” Tyler & Kyle “Incognito” Brockman also made the Force proud by pushing in with everything they had even though life got in the way of their training.

The “Iron Voice” Mike Reilly loves TriForce.

In case you want to know who won the division V award- check out Andrew’s ass. (Yes, this was in front of the entire audience at awards!)

Snickers cruising to 10:30 in his first IM!


Andrew looking aero!

Andrew celebrates his 4 hour PR!

Jake is all business exiting the swim!

Jake gets some encouragement from his #1 fan on his way to his first sub 12 finish

Nicki looking aero on her way to a massive personal best bike split.

Nicki celebrates her first ever sub 13 hour IM!

And here’s a good one of Kyle “Incognito” Brockman keeping his IM finish low key:

Some of the gang at swim practice the day before:



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