TriForce at Big Kahuna: Rob Gray 3rd overall in 4:19, lots of PRs!

Overall it was a great day for TF at Big Kahuna!

Rob Gray won the 35-39 AG and was 3rd overall including elites (following orders to run at IM heart rate!) with a time of 4:19.  Not bad for a little Kona prep workout!

Monzy PRd with a time of 4:51

Arjun went 5:14 in his first HIM ever (only his 2nd triathlon!)

Sven went 5:35

Joseph went 5:29 (almost PR, despite pacing at goal IM effort.

David pulled off a 5:19 – a PR despite the fact that he was honeymooning for the last few weeks!

Evelyne went 6:12 (PR) , taking 7th in her AG.

Kyle “the Flying Scottsman” went 5:59.  He’s burning off a few calories before he gets married this weekend!

Jason went 5:44- knocking 15 minutes off his previous Big Kahuna time!

And a speedy healing to Li who was on track to go sub 4:30 when he crashed out on the bike course.  Get well soon, Li!

And thanks to Theo (our giant TriForce t-shirt mascot), Snickers, Tyler “Roid Rage” Gray and Michelle Gray for coming out to support the team.  Special thanks to the beautiful Caroline for her amazing  pictures.  (more pics here)




The latest dance craze- “the Snickers”


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