TriForcer Koul Lost 84 Pounds!

It being New Year’s resolution time, I thought I’d post the success story of TriForcer “Comrade Koul” who lost 84 pounds!  Koul has learned to balance a crazy job at a Microsoft (including regular 48 hour “hackathons”) with a healthy lifestyle.  In his own words:

koul before & after

As a former 38% body fat club member, i used to be scratching my head reading the TriForce club discussions on 6%-7% body fat percentages, and “Race Cut” jerseys.

 So last year, after reading the TriForce “60 Day Weight Loss Challenge“, I just continued following it for the whole year. When I met you all in Pleasanton, I was 50 pounds down, 22% body fat but stuck on a plateau. I went on a vegetarian Paleo diet (eating mostly raw foods) and exercising regularly as per Kevin’s recommendations.
Overall, it took 16 active months for the transformation. Some stats:
Before After
Weight 222 138
Body Fat % 38% 9.6%
BMI 30 18.7 (Need to increase muscles now)
Resting Heart Rate 70 bpm 46 bpm
Waist 43″ 29″
Hopefully by next year, I would be conditioned enough to join you in some of our team events!
Well done, Koul!


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