2014 Highlight: TriForce at Ironman Arizona (2 Kona qualifications, a first place, 4th, 6th, 8th and virtually everyone PRd!)

One of the huge TriForce highlights of 2014 was Ironman Arizona.  Basically everyone podiumed or PRd (expect me and except for Jason who had 5 flat tires).

  •  Mimi “Usually” Winsberg won the 45-49 AG (10:40) and qualified for Kona!
  •  Rob “An Ironman per Day” Gray was 4th in the stacked 35-39 AG (9:11- big PR!) and qualified for Kona!

Rob and Mimi just raced Kona a few weeks earlier, which makes their performances extra impressive!

  •  John “Snickers” Nickerson was 6th in his AG (9:48)- 45 minute PR!  Last year  Snickers was happy just to fit into a medium bike jersey!
  •  Li Moore was 8th in his AG (9:47) in his first ever Ironman (so, PR)!
  •  Dan “Monzy” Aminzade went 10:45 (45 minute PR!)
  •  Andrew Sellergren 11:05 (30 min PR!)
  •  Robert McNamara went 12:14 (getting team MVP for a 90+ minute PR!)
  •  Jason Hable- 13:34 despite FIVE flat tires!   What a badass for soldiering on!
  •  Peter Nguyen – 2+ hour PR!  (14:14)

1-DSC_0364 1-DSC_0379

Rob and Snickers hit the mount line together (Rob promptly breaks his chain!)1-DSC_0386 1-DSC_0393

Mimi smiling on her way to a hard fought AG win.


Jason after the turnaround.  Jason suffered five flats, but kept going!


Snickers on the hunt en route to a big PR.


Monzy rocking the TF speedo en route to a big PR!


Mimi took the lead on the run and never looked back!


The unstoppable Rob Gray- 9:11 and a Kona qualification!


Snickers- big PR!


Rob on the podium- the 35-39 AG was stacked this year.1-DSC_0567

Mimi wins her AG for something like the 4th straight year!


TriForce racers and supporters celebrate winning TriClub division 5.

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