TriForce at Ironman Texas- 3 Kona Ironman World Championship qualifiers, 6 finishers!

Congrats to the TriForcers who raced Ironman Texas!  We had 6 finishers with 3 Kona Ironman World Championship qualifiers!

It was a crazy race with a 95 mile bike course that looked like a drunk toddler played with an Etch A Sketch, a last minute change to the swim course, and lightning and hail storms that impacted most of the athletes competing!


From left: Tom, Dora, Coach Coady, Dean


* Dean Roberts (5th 50-54) qualified for Kona for the first time!  Dean barely missed qualifying last year and he took all aspects of his preparation (training, aerodynamics, etc) to a new level to close the deal this time!

* Tom Glynn (2nd 55-59) heading back to Kona in his first year as a TriForcer after a long drought!

* Coach Coady (6th 40-44, just about :30 sec out of 4th!) qualified for Kona for the 5th time!

* Elmar Fladischer finished in about 9:42 after being stopped during the lightning storm!

* Sean Workowski (Sean already qualified for Kona at a different race) also had strong finish!

* and Dora Jih showed true Iron grit, finishing after being in the medical tent.

Great job team!


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