TriForce at Vineman & Vineman 70.3. An AG win & Kona qualification (3rd overall) plus boat loads of PRs! (Double PR by the Flying Frenchman!)


The Flying Frenchman Flying the Force Flag!

Vineman full – we were Div 5 club champions!

* Coach Coady 1st in  AG and 3rd overall (9:21), despite losing about 5 min to a mechanical.DSC03851

* +Yohann “the Flying Frenchman” Coppel 10:08 – PR by over an hour

* +Turner “Hooch” Johnson 10:05 (his first ever Ironman, so PR!)

* +Huy “Do Win” Nguyen 12:08, 14th in his AG! I think that’s a HUGE PR, beating his 12:40 he set at lake placid 12 years ago!!

* +Silver Jade Deutch  13:19 despite losing an hour to an exploded tire 🙁 , so a virtual “almost PR”

* +Tom “The Law” Murphy following coach’s example and having a good race on a “training day” 12:58

* +Saurabh “The Rubber Saw” Bhasin  13:07, HUGE PR!

* +Brian “Never Cryin” Rivera 13:35 monster PR!

* +Matt “the Menace” Bennice  14:45 in his first ever Ironman (so, PR!)!

VINEMAN 70.3 – Club Champions!

* John Snickers Nickerson: 4:32 – 8th (PR!)

* Li Moore “than words”: 4:33- 8th

* Yohann “The Flying Frenchman” Coppel: 4:36: 15th – BIG PR!

* Andrew “never clueless” Lewis: 5:08 20 min PR!

* Andrew “the good andrew s” Stamatis: 5:11 PR!!

* Alex “handle this’ Andalis 5:15 BIG PR!! Alex said if I coached him to a 5:15 it would be my coaching Mona Lisa (and his wife Jamie finished her first ever 70.3 in 6:05!)

Other races

* Todd Scheidt, Sheidt. Hush hush. Eye to eye. 4:59 – 12th place @ Muskoka 70.3

* Kat Chew “on the flip side”- 2nd in her AG at the 12k Across the Bay

* Geoff “Needs to hit the” Lew: 4:57

* “Flyin’” Bryan Powell 4:57

* Raph “Oh Say Can You” Tse 4:58

* Diamond Dave Endean.: 5:00:17.

* Rodney Chu “you up and spit you out”: 5:56

ANOTHER WINNER! +Dean Roberts FIRST OVERALL! at the Southern Indiana Tri Team Half IM in a blazing 4:37 (big PR, I think!)

Andrew “Sellergen FIRST AGE GROUPER OVERALL at Oakland Triathlon today with a 2:08.

Jason “Hockey Mask” McCafferty busted out a solid 2:24 at the Oakland Olympic taking 5th in his AG!

+Ryan “never stop tryin'”Monaghan took 4th in his AG in the sprint at Oakland!

+Michael Wishart upon a star-  a solid 2:40 in the olympic, 12th in his AG.

Good work all!


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