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TriForce is an online triathlon team coached by elite age grouper Kevin Coady.  Our athletes run the gamut from enthusiastic beginners training for their first iron distance race to serious Kona & Xterra Maui qualifiers.   We tend to be a group that takes triathlon seriously without being too serious.

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  • The majority of us focus on IM and HIM, but we have a wide variety of athletes ranging from Olympic, sprint distance,  XTerra athletes to half marathon and marathon runners.
  • Many of our athletes are busy high-powered Google employees / engineers or workers at other tech firms (often with families).  These athletes come to TriForce for our time-efficient training that gets results.
  • On the other hand, we have a few athletes who want to train like a professional and do whatever it takes to eke out those last few percentage points in performance.
  • TriForcers have the option to connect through the TriForce Discussion Forum / Email List and try to meet each other in person to train at races, at our low cost team camps or at selected team races.    Being part of such a supportive community with high standards definitely helps team members raise their game.
  • TriForcers follow the same basic structure to prepare for their races but have a choice of plans, including my Sub 10 Ironman In 10 Hours Per Week plan and the same plan that I used last year to get second in my AG (and third amateur) at IMAZ and qualify for Kona.  These are not watered down, safe plans for the masses, nor are they extreme training plans.   Rather, it is focused, smart, structured training that produces results.

If you’re interested in joining the team, check out the prices & options page and contact me with any questions using the form at the bottom of the page.  To receive team updates and training tips, subscribe to the blog.  Or go ahead an pull the trigger and join right now.


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