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TriForce Run + Swim clinic is Sunday! Details below:


Especially for the swim clinic the goal is to give you; (1) a clearer picture of what good swimming is about and (2) about 2 key things to work (along with the tools and drills that will get it done). The goal is NOT to give you an overwhelming list of everything that is wrong with your stroke. If the clinic is successful we can circle back and repeat every 3-4 months or so and give you a couple more things to work on and so on until you are “fixed!”

This is basically the process I have been doing personally with Brett Sutton. At my first sessions (Mallorca) he said I was so bad that I shouldn’t swim in public. Second sessions (Korea) he said I was much better but I still had a ton of things wrong with my stroke (my boat was broken). In this last session with him (Gran Canaria) he said I am actually a good swimmer now and I only have one flaw left! Hopefully next time I see him I will be pretty much perfect! It sounds like a long process but it was just one year from terrible swim form to almost perfect by sutto standards.


$75 (or, $30 for run clinic only). No discount for swim clinic only, since adding people to the run clinic is quite easy vs. adding more swimmers.


* swimsuit and goggles
* towel
* paddles (every pair you own)
* pull buoy (biggest you own)
* ankle band (wrap an inner tube around your ankles, tie a knot, then cut. Don’t make it too tight– it’s OK if you can do a tiny little weak kick).
* fins (we might or might not use these)
* Go Pro? If you have one, please bring it. We will likely grab some quick video and underwater would be better vs. above water. Again, we won’t do a full video analysis of your entire stroke– we just want you to be able to see what you are doing. If you want a full, in depth analysis, we can do one at additional cost (they are time consuming and not necessary for our purposes- if it was included the clinic would be much more expensive).


11:00 am Run Clinic – 3 keys to efficient running (posture, foot drop, foot pull)
12:00 pm Swim Talk on Pool Deck
12:30 pm (approximately) Get in the pool


Crow Canyon Country Club
711 Silver Lake Drive, Danville

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