Ironman Specific Preparation

Your Ironman Rehearsal Bricks

Monzy just doesn't get brick workouts...

For Ironman races we’ll do a couple rehearsal workouts to help us dial in your nutrition, pacing and logistics.  Rehearsals should be long enough to give you some sense of whether your pacing plan is realistic, whether your nutrition plan … finish reading Your Ironman Rehearsal Bricks

If you’re tired, go easier (lower steady). If lower steady feels bad, go home!

Be a hero- answer your body's call to go easier!

Right now many TriForcers are in their Specific Preparation period and we’re pushing you to do more training than you’ve done all season.  To be successful with this training load you need to “go with the flow’ and listen to … finish reading If you’re tired, go easier (lower steady). If lower steady feels bad, go home!


The 4 Hour Indoor Cycling Challenge

Can't stop now!

As you get close to your Ironman you can’t afford to skip your weekly long rides.  This challenge is an alternative for someone who for whatever reason (e.g. not able to start your workout until 6:30 p.m.) can’t do their … finish reading The 4 Hour Indoor Cycling Challenge

3 Goals For Your Specific Preparation Period


It’s hard to believe, but it’s about time for specific preparation for athletes training for St. George.  The specific preparation (SP) period is the last period of training before we taper for our race.  During the base period we focus … finish reading 3 Goals For Your Specific Preparation Period


20 Questions… Triathlon Style


7. Did you fade on the second half of the bike ride? (yes? bike slower next time)
8. Did it take a BIG effort to hold your wattage at the end of the bike? (you are on the borderline of your proper effort, ASSUMING that you can run well)
9. Did you have to raise your heart rate greatly to maintain your pacing plan? (yes? this is a danger sign that you might have to dial back your effort) Continue reading →




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