Join now! (Go ahead… it feels good!)

Congrats!  You’ve read about the team, the coach, checked out the blog, examined that price and options page & checked out the plans page and you’ve determined that TriForce membership is for you!   (Be sure to read the prices & options descriptions to determine whether team membership and the services provided fit your needs).

1-DSC_0301Welcome to to the team– we’re excited to have you on board!

Complete the following steps. (You’ll officially be a team member after steps 1 & 2, but you’ll need to complete all 8 steps for us to get the ball rolling with your training).

1. Waiver.   Carefully read & sign the team waiver.

2. Make Your Payment.   Set up a monthly subscription.   You can cancel at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” button on this page (or just email me)

Choose Membership Option from Dropdown

Congrats!  With these 2 steps done, you’re officially a TriForcer!  Feels amazing, doesn’t it?!  Enjoy the moment… OK, now let’s get the ball rolling!  After these next steps we’ll have you set up with your training in no time!

3. Fill Out The Intial Consultation Questionnaire.   This will prepare me for our consultation call and gives me guidance in helping us set up your initial training load and training zones.  You don’t have to make it a masterpiece, just try to help me out by giving me some good data.

4. Fill Out the Medical History Questionnaire  to give me any health and injury information relevant to your training.

5.  Link to Me on Trainingpeaks by clicking this link  so I can load your training plan (I typically load training plans on Mondays or Tuesdays).

6. Join Our Online Team Community.   This is the place where the team gets to know each other, where the coaches post tips, and where we discuss all things TriForce.  We use Google + for the community, so you have to create a G+ account if you don’t already have one (takes about a minute).

7. (pretty much mandatory  unless you’re a great swimmer already)  Pick Up The Freestyle Swim Secrets book.  Team members have been making huge improvements and hitting lifetime best numbers within weeks after applying the stuff in this book.  For the price, it’s a no brainer.

8. (Suggested)  Pick Up the Swimsmooth Videos.  These outstanding videos are are a must have for any TriForcer serious about improving their swimming.  They give clear video and explanations for all the suggested drills in our team swim workouts.

swim smooth's DVD BOXSET - everything you need to improve your swimming out of sight!                                    swim smooth's amazing new dvd: CATCH MASTERCLASS

9.  (Optional) Schedule an initial call.   Email me if you want to set up a call.  The best time is to set it up is 1-3 weeks after you start (you’ll have enough experience with the program to know what questions you want to ask).

That’s it!  This is the most (non training) work you’ll have to do to be a team member (at least until we have you draft your A Race plan)!   Now you just have to do the training!


Existing Client Renewal Options (if not sure, contact coach)

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