Prices and Options

TriForce is OPEN to new members now that Kona is done.  I’m getting close to capacity and I’m adding clients on a case by case basis until I’m full.  Email coachcoady at to see if you’re a good fit for the team and to be put on the wait list.  

TriForce works best for:

(a) Ironman or Half Ironman athletes with a long term commitment to the sport and the lifestyle;

(b) athletes who are willing to (mostly) adopt the training structure I recommend; to learn how to use Trainingpeaks; and to take ownership of their training logs, schedule and training numbers (I teach you how to do this)

(c) athletes who are committed to being consistent (not necessarily perfect) with their training.

If this sounds like you, contact me if you have any questions.

We offer 3 team membership options:

1. TriForce Gold Membership – MOST POPULAR ($199 / mo.)   This is for someone who wants to follow the tried and true TriForce Training Method & plans, which are a flexible and outstanding option for most athletes (including Kona qualifiers, Maui qualifiers, and me!).  I plan out your season, load your training plans in 3-6 weeks blocks, adjust the big picture of your season and plan as changes happen, provide unlimited email contact, read your training logs and check in every week or two.   Guillaume DeZwirek won his AG at IMCDA and got top 10 in his AG at Kona on this membership package and most recently Rob Gray was 2nd in his AG at IM Los Cabos (qualifying for Kona).   Contact me if you are interested, or if you’re sure you’re a good fit, pull the trigger and Sign Up)

2. TriForce Platinum Membership ($349 / mo.) Everything provided in the Team Membership plus: (a) I’ll fine tune &  customize your schedule for you within Trainingpeaks and (b) I  get emails with your workouts every time you log & usually respond as opposed to checking your logs once / week.  I limit myself to a very small number of full service clients and I accept new athletes on a case by case basis.  “Plus” team members must be motivated and willing to put in the hard work.  Contact me if you are interested.

3. TriForce Bronze Membership ($99 / month).  Open.      It’s for someone who wants a coach to lay out their big picture plan, load their training plan in 4-6 week blocks,  and get access to Q&A access via the team discussion forum.  This packing provides good value for a budget price.  Contact me, or if your sure you’re a good fit, pull the trigger and Sign Up)

For details about each of the 3 options, see the chart below.

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