“It’s all this guy, my coach Kevin Coady. I told him I wanted to qualify this year and he helps me crush the field. Can’t say enough good things about his program”  

– Guillaume “Road Grit” DeZwirek written on his Facebook page after qualifiying for Kona for the first time by winning his AG at IMCdA 2012 (in his first year in triathlon!).

IM Louisville was my 5th attempt at the iron distance. I’d never quite managed to get my nutrition right, always cramping on the marathon at some point. But with some great advice from Coach Coady on adjusting my calorie intake, I not only nailed my nutrition, I finishing 2nd in AG and qualified for Kona for the first time!”

– TriForce Elite Team Member Dean Johnson

I  want to say that I’m pretty much ecstatic right now.  Almost exactly a year ago I did the same TT and I put out 235 watts for the half hour.  Today I put out 288 watts.  I realize I’m probably preaching to the choir, but Kevin’s coaching really works!  50+ watts in a year!  Follow your training plans, people!  I love this team.

– TriForcer Andrew “Mankini” Sellergren sporting a “stellar grin” after his 12 mile TT result.

“I forgot the most important part: thanks Kevin! I owe my sub-13 to your teaching. You rock.”  “Oh and the mailing list (team Google Group) is the single-most informative yet funny list covering triathlon on the entire web. Scientifically proven.”  

– Google Engineer Greg on the TriForce discussion forum after breaking 13 hours for the first time at IM Mount Tremblant 2012.

To Coach Kevin and TriForce.  Wow.  In two months time, you gave me the restructuring in my training program that got me over the top.  Those two-hour trainer sessions, mid-week bricks and high-intensity swim workouts majorly suck sometimes, but they absolutely made the difference.  Equally, the preparation and strategy advice gave me the experience to manage myself through the final stages of preparation and race-day.  

Business Owner  Scott Davis, CA written on his blog (after achieving his goal of a sub 12 hour PR at IMCDA 2011, knocking an hour off of his CdA 2010 time)

“I had a great experience working with Kevin and recommend his program to anyone wanting to take their training to the next level; he’s extremely knowledgeable, experienced as an elite age group athlete, responsive, and supportive and motivating.  Having a tendency to overschedule my life, and never having completed a race longer than a 70.3, I was nervous about balancing training load against everything else. I let Kevin know up front about the time I was willing to commit to training, and he created a great schedule for me, based on my goals and time constraints, which he modified over the season depending on my progress. … I highly recommend the program.

— Googler Benson, Seattle, WA.  first time IM Finisher IMCDA 2011

“Signing up with Kevin will very likely help you massively. There are so many things you can do wrong with respect to training, food, taper, equipment, etc. etc. and Kevin really knows what he is talking about (he also just finished 2nd in his age group at IM Coere d’alene and is a super-fun guy on top of that.) Highly recommended.”

– Googler Mike, Mountain View, First Time IM Finisher Ironman St. George 2011

“He is a fun, wonderful coach, very attentive. The biggest benefits I’ve found are: * No brainer workout schedule – he loads the training schedule for me, I follow it. So simple. *  Decoding all of the training whys and hows – I don’t have the time or interest to dive into all the little details of HR zones and time trials, etc. Kevin breaks it all down for me, and I can ask him a zillion questions. * Accountability *  Psychological support – Every time I’ve gotten frustrated by my lack of progress or plateau, Kevin was there to put it into perspective and help me work through things. He was also awesome at helping me craft special workout plans for my crazy travel schedule.”

– Julie Clow, New York, NY (Author of “The Work Revolution: Freedom and Excellence For All“)

Thank you Kevin for all your great coaching and support in this journey. I felt really confident and awesome out there. Not to mention the last 8 months I’ve been able to stay injury free under your training.  

– TriForcer Nicki writing on the TriForce discussion forum after finishing her first ever IM in 13:14 @ IMCdA.

“Whether it be finishing a triathlon or winning an Ironman, the most important factor to achieving your athletic aspirations is working with somebody who understands the intricacies of your sport and body.  Kevin checks both boxes with a resounding yes. He’s the brains: a Georgetown-trained ex-lawyer who abandoned the field for his passion – his training regimen is founded in academics and pro-teachings, self-tested and perfected over a dozen seasons, and proven through multiple AG victories. He’s the brawn: a perfect 6/6 sub-10 Ironman and World Championship finisher with scientific nutrition and training strategies to push you through anything from your first 5k to a multi-day ultra. Kevin has gifted me with the race and training insights of a pro and kept me injury free for the entirety of my first triathlon season, resulting in 4/4 Ironman podiums, an AG victory and Kona qualification. I hesitate to post this testimonial because Kevin is my secret weapon…  but if you’re going to invest in your engine (as even the most entry level athlete should) go with the best. With Coach Coady, you’re getting a P5.”

– Guillaume again– after he saw I posted the first quote he was nice enough to want to write up something he thought was better!



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