TriForce 101

This is a series of short lessons to get you up to speed on what you need to know to understand your plans & get the most out of TriForce.

Ideally, things are quite simple.  I give you a training plan.  You do the workouts & log them.  You contact me with any issues or questions.  I review your logs & adjust things

1. Does Trainingpeaks look like a big mess to you?  Here’s how to set up your TP calendar to make it much more user friendly.  Even experienced users report learning a thing or two from this video.  (note: this applies to the old “classic” user interface, not the new interface)

2. Do you need to move things around or is life getting in the way?   Here’s how to adjust your schedule to fit your changing and busy life.  And here is a bare minimum workout you can do to keep you fit in all 3 sports.  Remember, consistency (not perfection) is the  key!

3. Confused about your workouts & zones?  Zones are just a way to be more specific about how intensely you should train (and you don’t need to be 100% perfect to get the benefits).  Here’s a quick summary of how to understand your workouts & zones.

4. Getting started with training zones.  In your training plans, we’ll give you test workouts to set up your training zones.  Until then, here’s how to get started with zones.

5. Logging Your Workouts Well is a Critical Habit!  Here are some tips on how to log your workouts well & what to write in the “post workouts comments” in Trainingpeaks.



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