Weeks of Training Analyzed Over 10 Years of Coaching

Kona Top 10 AG Finishers Coached

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# of PRs, First Time Triathlon, Ironman or 70.3 Finishers


Founder of TriForce, 10 Years of Coaching Busy Athletes of All Levels

Coach Coady started TriForce in 2010 with one goal– create the type of team and coaching he would want as an athlete.  Since then he has helped beginners through advanced athletes achieve their racing goals.  Whether your goal is to finish your first triathlon or qualify for Kona, chances are that he has helped someone like you achieve the same goal.

First Place at Ironman Santa Rosa on 10 Hours Per Week

As a fun experiment to learn more about coaching busy athletes, Coach Coady prepared for Ironman Santa Rosa on a 10 hours per week plan.  He took first place in his age group with a time of 9:26.  Read more.

Coaching Qualifiers: Kona, 70.3 World Champs, AG Worlds, Boston

We’ve coached 10+ Kona qualifiers (2 of them getting top 10 in their AGs), and many many 70.3 Worlds, AG nationals and Boston Marathon qualfiers.    In 2014 alone, Coach Coady coached 4 Kona qualfiers and 10 x 70.3 World Champs Qualifers.

7* Kona Qualifier and 8:56 Ironman. Leading by example.

Coach Coady has qualified for or raced at Kona almost every year since 2011 by following the exact same principles he uses to coach the team.    He has completed 12 Ironman races, including a personal best of 8:56 at Ironman Arizona.

Happy Clients and Long Term Relationships

About roughly half of Coach Coady’s clients have been with him for 5+ years and many of them them have been with him almost 10 years.  Coach Coady is committed to keeping his clients challenged and engaged their their athletic and life journeys.

A Passion For Learning and Improving

 Coach Coady has a passion for improving as a coach to improve team performance.   Most recently he attended 4 training camps with legendary coach Brett Sutton, becoming a “TriSutto Certified” coach.  He also has certifications from Trainingpeaks, Swimsmooth, Powertap (power training) and USA Triathlon Certification.

COACH Andrew Sellergren

Years of Racing

Years of Coaching

Hours Dropped From Ironman Finishing Time!

# of PRs, First Time Triathlon, Ironman or 70.3 Finishers

5 Hours Dropped From Ironman Finishing Time. Leading by example.

Coach Andrew’s first Ironman finishing time in 2009 was 15:36. His most recent in 2016 was 10:33. That’s more than 5 hours improvement using the proven TriForce methods!


Coaching Busy Athletes of All Levels.

With a young daughter and a fulltime job as a software engineer at Google, Coach Andrew knows what it’s like to be time-crunched. He’ll help you make the most out of your busy schedule!


70.3 Worlds Qualifier, Multiple-time All American, AWA Gold

Coach Andrew has qualified for 70.3 Worlds and achieved both All American and All World Athlete Gold status.  He also was first place overall at the Oakland Triathlon two years in a row.

Student of the Sport

When Coach Coady suggested that he get his coaching certification, Andrew was already TriForce’s most attentive athlete. He did everything Coach Coady asked and more. He even devised his own aerodynamic testing software and device.

Specialist in Low-volume Plans

When he placed in the top 5% overall at Escape From Alcatraz, Coach Andrew had recently become a new dad. Since then, he has coached several other new parents to PRs even on low-volume plans!

A Passion for Learning and Improving

Coach Andrew attended 2 training camps with legendary coach Brett Sutton and he continuously absorbs knowledge from Coach Coady.  He reads books and academic articles,  performance metrics, and even wrote custom software to enhance your triathlon training!

Make Your Training and Racing a Priority.

We certainly will.