Which coaching package do your recommend?
SHORT ANSWER: I recommend the “Gold” coaching package.  That provides all the support needed to achieve any goals including qualifying for Kona.   Most of our athletes who have qualified for Kona have been on this plan. (It includes a fully customized plan, unlimited email, weekly in depth review of logs.)


* I recommend the more expensive “Platinum” package for athletes who won’t be stretching their budget to pay for it.   Also, it only makes sense for athletes who log their workouts and comment on them promptly.   Yes, it’s “better” than Gold (it includes daily feedback to logged workouts as opposed to weekly for Gold), but it isn’t necessary for most athletes to achieve their goals.

* I recommend the cheaper “Silver” package for athletes are on bit of a tighter budget and who will be proactive about checking in weekly and asking questions of your coach.  We still have a weekly feedback loop (provided you check in!) but your coach only goes into your logs every 4th week so the review of your training and adjustment of the training plan often isn’t as in depth as with Gold.

* I recommend the “advisor” package for an athlete who is looking for a big step up from self coaching or following a generic training plan, but who doesn’t want or need “full coaching.”  This is MUCH better than using a generic training plan since your plan will be customized to build from your current fitness to your “A race” and it also has unlimited email contact with your coach.  However, since there isn’t a regular feedback loop it isn’t what we’d consider “real coaching.”    As with all packages you are a full member of the TriForce community with all benefits.

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