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I plan out your season and load training typically in 6+ week blocks. You check in weekly and email your coach with any questions or issues.   This option works well only for clients who are proactive and communicate well.


I plan out your season, load your training plans in 3-6 weeks blocks, adjust the big picture of your season and plans as changes happen, providing unlimited email contact and weekly feedback (adjusting your training as needed).  This is the most popular option and the one used by most of our Kona qualifiers.



Everything provided in Gold Membership plus: (a) I  get emails with your workouts every time you log & usually respond as opposed to checking your logs once / week; and due to that constant feedback  (b) I’ll fine tune and customize your schedule for you within TrainingPeaks throughout the week on a real time basis as needed.

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Which coaching package do you recommend?

SHORT ANSWER: I recommend the "Gold" coaching package.  That provides all the support needed to achieve any goals including qualifying for Kona.   Most of our athletes who have qualified for Kona have been on this plan. (It includes a fully customized plan, unlimited email, weekly in depth review of logs.)


I recommend the more expensive "Platinum" package for athletes who won't be stretching their budget to pay for it.   Also, it only makes sense for athletes who log their workouts and comment on them promptly.   Yes, it's "better" than Gold (it includes daily feedback to logged workouts as opposed to weekly for Gold), but it isn't necessary for most athletes to achieve their goals.

I recommend the cheaper "Silver" package for athletes who can't afford the "Gold" package.   This was created as a way to allow people to get coaching on a budget.   We still have a weekly feedback loop (provided you check in!) but the review of your training (and adjustment of the training plan) isn't as in depth as with Gold.  We've gotten more consistent results with athletes on the Gold Plan, but diligent athletes on the Silver Plan have had success as well.

I recommend the "advisor" package for an athlete who mostly wants to be self coached, but who wants a semi customized plan leading up to their key races and who also wants to have question and answer access to a coach.  As with all packages you are a full member of the TriForce community with all benefits.

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