BELOW: full warmup routine. 

Here are the exercises from the video: The exact exercises aren’t critical– just try to do technique drills, some jumps for elasticity, work your deep abs, core and weak link muscles. Ease into the exercises slowly over time, especially with the jumps. If you are on the 10 Hours / Week Plan, then you can do these after your transition runs.


The bands are by Perform Better. The green ones provide pretty good tension (I started with yellow which were a bit light for most exercises.)
Bands: (1) monster walk (forward & back); (2) squat & step sideways (out and back); (3) straight leg lifts to front, side, back with good posture
Core: (choose from any of the popular core exercises just be sure to hit the front, back and sides), the following are the ones from the video: (1) Planks (regular, each arm extended, turn to side); (2) Back Extensions (laying on stomach- raise arms and legs, just arms, just legs, opposite arm & leg)
Drills: (run a little after each drill) (1) falling forward with gravity (stand good posture with 1 foot underneath body, fall forward and pick up your foot while letting the other foot land directly under you); (2) foot tapping with unweighted leg (as soon as foot touches the ground lift it right back up with hamstring); (3) foot tapping on weighted leg moving forward (lean to move forward, pick up your leg as soon as you land on it, just relax the leg you aren’t using); (4)foot tapping on weighted leg moving forward with other leg trailing (lean to fall forward, other leg trails behind, the key is to not slam your front leg down– let it gently drop & pick it back up as soon as your foot touches the ground)
Jumps: jump rope with both legs (50-200 times); jump rope on one leg (25-100 times); the key is to just use your natural elasticity, NOT to push off and jump; forward 1 leg hop (flat or uphill): stand with good running posture, lift one leg, then lean forward and keep hopping with one leg landing just under your body