By the Numbers

About TriForce

TriForce is an online triathlon and running team founded by head coach Kevin Coady (5 time Kona qualifier and sub 9 Ironman finisher). TriForcers run the gamut from enthusiastic beginners to serious Kona & Xterra Maui qualifiers.  All levels are welcome-- all that is required is a desire to improve and a willingness to work hard.   We tend to be a group that takes triathlon seriously without being too serious.

  • The majority of us focus on IM and HIM, but we have a wide variety of athletes ranging from Olympic, sprint distance, XTerra athletes to half marathon and marathon runners to 100 mile ultra marathoners.


  • Many of our athletes are busy high-powered Google employees / engineers or workers at other tech firms (often with families).  These athletes come to TriForce for our time-efficient training that gets results.


  • On the other hand, we have a few athletes who want to train like a professional and do whatever it takes to eke out those last few percentage points in performance.


Pricing and Plans

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