Just a quick “rap up” of the wine country training weekend.  Thanks especially to Lisa Heisinger of DeLoach (and speedy triathlete) for making us feel so welcome.

Thursday & Friday we stayed at the amazing DeLoach guest house.

Lambs Greeted Us

Me, Caroline, Sian & Guillame Cook Dinner Thursday Night After Our Swim

Sian Gets Eggs For Breakfast

Breakfast & Trainingpeaks- explaining the difference between a handsome performance manager chart (mine) and an ugly one (Guillaume’s- see below)

CJ, Nicki, Andrew, Me, Guillaume & Sian Get Ready To Ride the Vineman Loop While Caroline Guards the Delicious DeLoach Pinot

Off We Go!  Only Guillaume would do 2 loops (and he never let us forget!).  

Sian rehydrates after her HIM rehearsal ride

Post ride picnic & “polyphenol replenishment”

After negotiation Andrew agrees to give me just 2 inches of his salami.

Guillaume & I perform the TriForce Fight Song

Saturday– stay at the Silverado Resort and ride 2 loops of the Silverado Trail (about 100 miles) + transition run (while Sian did a Mountain Bike Ride with Lisa)