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TriForcers qualify for Kona at IMSR and IMTX 2019!…

Kona bound!!!

Congrats to TriForcers who are off to a strong start in the spring!

Tom Glynn was 3rd in his age group at Ironman Texas, qualifying for Kona!

At Ironman Santa Rosa:

Coach Coady (me) WON MY AGE GROUP (9:26) at Ironman Santa Rosa, qualifying for Kona!  (woohoo!) The 10 hours per week training plan worked!

Yohann “the Flying Frenchman” Coppel (right, below) finished in 10:05 at Ironman Santa Rosa – a solid day at the office despite a flat tire and stomach cramps.   Mark my words– Yohann will qualify for Kona. read more