TriForce at Oceanside 70.3: 4 World Championship Qualifiers, a…


TriForce made our annual pilgrimage to southern California for the classic Oceanside 70.3. ¬†For some of us it was just a chance to shake off the winter rust, for others it’s a key tuneup for early season A races, but it was a fun weekend for all! 1960957_720975287947384_1121654893_o   DSC_0697 (1)Coach Coady: 4:37, qualifying for 70.3 worlds 1781193_720979644613615_582096641_o Theo Goguely 4:37(PR ) qualifying for 70.3 worlds in his first road tri! DSC_0262 Andrew Sellergren 4:49 (PR), 9th in AG, qualifying for 70.3 worlds DSC_0380 John Nickerson 4:48, qualifying for 70.3 worlds DSC_0267 Mimi Winsberg 5:09 (5th AG) DSC_0341 Bryan Powell 4:58, 28 minute PR! DSC_0567 Justin A. Green 4:58 (almost PR, 6 min run PR) DSC_0499 +Chaitanya Gharpure 5:11, (50 minute PR!) earning team MVP honors DSC_0660 Brennan Alvarez 5:00:11 (30ish minute PR!) DSC_0405 Dan Maynes Aminzade 5:05 DSC_0393 + Scott Campbell 5:16 (30ish minute PR) Joseph Aziz 5:05 (20ish minute PR). DSC_0510 Jason Hable 5:30 DSC_0425 + Alan Masarek 6:20 DSC_0012 Robert McNamara (bottom right) 6:15 (2 minutes off a PR despite double flatting!) robert Also, TF alumni (or on break): Kyle McEachern 6:14 DSC_0093 Guillaume de Zwirek 4:39 (5th AG) + mike schuster 5:11 schuster Greg Funk 6:12]]>