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TriForce at Ironman Arizona: 3 Kona qualifiers, 1 almost…


TriForce crushed it at Ironman Arizona with 3 kona qualifications, one almost KQ (1:15 PR and 8th place), and another solid PR!

Coach Rob “an Ironman Per Day” Gray: 9:19 (2nd place), qualifying for KONA!

15 - 2Coach Rob with client Fred “Belgian Mussels” Vandescoor celebrating their Kona qualifiations!

Mimi “Usually” Winsberg 10:55 (2nd place W 50-54), qualifying for KONA!  (Mimi is a coach Coady client who races for the Olympic Club)

Fred “Belgian Mussels” Vandeschoor 9:28 qualifying for KONA!  (and great coaching job Rob!)

“Flyin'” Bryan Powell- 9:32 – 8th place M 35-39.  Just missing a Kona slot by about 6 minutes with a 1:15 PR!


Silver “Fish” Jade Deutch – 12:19 – a solid PR, despite the anti-Floridian cold weather!


Peter “Incognito” Nguyen- 16:39, proving that training is overrated!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.33.33 AM


TriForce at IM Chattanooga: 9:50 (Kona qualification), 9:58 (top…


Congrats to the TriForcers who raced at Ironman Chattanooga last weekend.  It was a strong day across the board for the Force: 9:50 (Kona qualification!), 9:58 (top 10) 10:23 (first ever IM), and 10:27!

Dan “Monzy” Aminzade- 9:58 (big PR- first ever sub 10!)- top 10 in his AG!


Sean Workowski – QUALIFIED FOR KONA!  9:50!   (and good job coach Rob Gray!)


Tim Hinton 10:23 in his first ever Ironman!

Elmar Fladischer- 10:27 (almost PR!)

IMchoo run

Congrats, guys! Enjoy your recovery!

We also had some other race results over the weekend:

San Jose Rock and Roll Half

* Forrest Junod went 1:32 (PR!)

* Li Moore went 1:21 (PR!) qualifying for the NYC Marathon

* Michael Sun went 1:42 (PR!)

Santa Cruz Triathlon

* Sven Mawson took 3rd in his AG!

* Fiona Moriarty took 4th in her AG (with the fastest run split)

* Jeff Wong was 11th in his AG despite limited training due to recovering from a bike crash

Well done everyone!


TriForce at Santa Cruz 70.3 – 5 podiums, 3…


TriForce had a great day at Santa Cruz 70.3. 5 podiums, 3 more top 10s, several PRs, and tons of strong performances.  We also won the club championship, more than doubling the next team!

Mimi “usually” Winsberg (olympic club member coached by Coach Coady) – (2nd in 50-54 AG) (5:17) 


Derk “the Flying Dutchman” Der Korver 4:32 (3rd)

1141_017416 (1)

Dean “Union Jack” Johnson 4:36 (3rd)

John “Snickers” Nickerson- 4:41 (5th), nabbing a podium spot by .2 seconds in a sprint finish!snickfinish
Jan “Czech Yourself” Vobecky 4:33 (5th) despite losing a few minutes to a couple bike mechanicals

15 - 11

15 - 22

Li “Gimme” Moore 4:37 (6th)15 - 19

Byran “Flyin'” Powell 4:42 (8th place- 12 minute PR!)  (santa cruz looks a little different here)

Ilya “he’ll kill ya” Cantor 4:42- (8th M 45-49).

Chaitanya G 4:52 – PR, going sub 5 for the first time! (chai is 2nd from the left in the photo)

15 - 21



Raphael “Raph” Tse 4:58, PR going sub 5 for the first time! (Raph is all the way to the left)

15 - 6
Daniel “Dat Ass” Aminzade 5:08

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 3.35.43 PM


Sven “the Swedish Fish” Mawson 5:08 PR!

Ryan “Flyin'” Monaghan 5:52 automatic PR in his first ever HIM!

Saurabh “Head Bashin” Bhasin 5:50- big PR and first ever sub 6 HIM! (and 15 minute half marathon PR!)

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 3.38.25 PM

Andrew Stamatis 5:30 – 12 minute PR!


Geoff “Nothing He Can’t Do” Lew  5:13


Peter Nguyen “cognito tab” – 6:54



Thanks also to all our spectators, family and friends who came out!


TriForce at Honu 70.3- two age group winners!, a…


TriForce had a solid group of 13 racers braving the brutally hot lava fields at Honu 70.3.  We had two age group winners, a 2nd place, a 3rd place, an 8th place and tons of strong performances.   Fun was had by racers, family and friends.

John “Snickers” Nickerson WON HIS AGE GROUP and was 12th overall in a time of 4:43.

DSC_0653 (1)


Mimi “Usually” Winsberg (Olympic Club racer coached by Coach Coady) WON HER AGE GROUP in a time of 5:17  (she was 11th woman overall and also would have won the younger 45-49 AG!)



Coach Coady was 2ND IN HIS AG (9th overall) in a time of 4:38.




Li Moore was 3RD IN HIS AG (20th overall) in a time of 4:44.



Rune Dahl was  8th IN HIS AG (50-54) in a time of 5:01.


Yohann Coppell PRd in a time of 5:07.


Nick Washburn finished in 5:07- a nice improvement from his Honu time last year.


Sven Mawson finished in a solid 5:23.


Greg Jones had a solid day at the office: 5:48


Ken Ashcraft finished in a strong 5:37 (PR!)


Alex Sakhartchouk finished in a strong 5:46 (almost PR).


Michael Sun finished his first triathlon ever in a time of 6:14 (PR, of course)!


And Andrew Sellergren (middle) crushed the unofficial aquabike division.



More pics:  https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMn9EYYKm8Zh5O4484BFavdegPs9yuQoMWXBwKS3yRP31xLauZoV478a84DiCiSaw?key=UTZjYzZiOTBCaGcxVmNtNTMzRUhrY2hGRkZVazRn



yohannrun DSC_0360


TriForce at Oceanside 70.3: 1 AG win, 2 other…


It was a great day for TriForce at California Ironman 70.3 Oceanside and a fun weekend filled with team bonding.


Mimi “Usually” Winsberg (left, Olympic Club team member coached by Coach Coady) FIRST PLACE 50-54!


Rune Dahl (team MVP, far left in blue shirt)- PR!  4:54 – 5th place / podium in 50-54 AG!


Kevin Coady 4:31 – 5th place / podium in 40-44 AG!


Jan “Czech yourself before you wreck yourself” Vobecky 4:42 – 10th place!


“Flyin'” Bryan Powell 5:04


Dan “Monzy” Aminzade 5:17, perfectly nailing his beer and nachos nutrition plan


Chaitanya “Chai and Catch Me” G 5:07 PR!


Alex “The Moose from Belarus” Sakhartchouk 5:44 PR!


Johann “the Hacker” Coppel: 5:21 – 15 min PR


Derek “home town” Emge 5:33


Brennan “Pearl Izoomer” Alvarez  (we’ll pretend this picture is from Oceanside!)

Screenshot 2015-03-29 at 8.05.37 PM


Raphael “Oh Say Can You” Tse (far left)- 5:10- PR!


Sven “Swedish Fish” Mawson 5:27


Eric “Never Falters” Walters 6:29


Saurabh “Saw Rub” Bhasin: 6:20 (at the bottom of the pic below, holding the camera)

11102950_10205226634176999_311006222744342587_nFor 300+ TriForce Oceanside Pictures, see this album: https://plus.google.com/photos/115208255387821379061/albums/6131818117224922081


2014 Highlight: Honu 70.3: 3 racers, 2 Kona qualifications…


One of the big highlights of 2014 was the Honu 70.3.  It was my first time doing the race and I loved it so much that I pestered the Force to sign up for next year and we’ll have a big group racing in 2015!

  •  I was 2nd in my AG (6th overall including pros) and I qualified for Kona and 70.3 Worlds (turned down the Kona slot, which I later regretted!).


  •  Mimi Winsberg took 2nd in her AG and got a Kona slot at Honu and a 70.3 worlds slot (she went on to get top 10 in her AG at Kona!).


  •  Ken Ashcraft who finished his first ever half IM at Honu in a solid 5:48 (even though he did much of his training pushing / pulling his kids in a baby jogger / bike trailer)!


More shots from the event:




My parents came to watch, which was a huge highlight — I seem to do well with Coady support!

DSC_0922 10441181_10202246693345615_5982684702519594923_n

And of course, #1 TriForcer Caroline was there!


See and Do by Caroline Bontia

We booked a pretty good deal at Waikoloa condominiums for 2 bedrooms, 2 baths at $215 per night through VRBO. Location was perfect as it was right across the Queens Marketplace (yes, Starbucks is across the street and so is a bike store). The only downside is that it’s about 1 mile from the beach and an attempt to walk through a bit of lava field along with the heat, isn’t a lot of fun with flip flops/slippers.

Favorite Happy Hour:

  • Lava Lava. Great sunset views and Mai Tais. http://lavalavabeachclub.com/. Perfect after a day of beach lounging. 

Dinner Splurges:

  • Canoe House for dinner: http://www.maunalani.com/dining/canoe-house
  • Four Seasons Resort Hualalai: http://www.fourseasons.com/hualalai/dining/

Fun 5 Miles Run Course: This was a beautiful run around Waikoloa area early in the morning before the humidity kicked in.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.51.45 AM


2014 Highlight: TF at Kona World Championship (4 qualifiers,…


One of the highlights for me in 2014 was going to coach and spectate at Kona.

TriForce had 4 Kona qualifiers in 2014:

  •  I (Coach Coady) qualified at Honu 70.3 (3rd overall), but I turned down the slot (Yes, in retrospect I regret it!)
  •  Mimi Winsberg qualified at Honu 70.3 (And she also qualified at IM Lake Tahoe).
  •  Rob Gray qualified at IM South Africa.
  •  Rune Dahl qualified in his first ever IM at IM New Zealand!

Everyone had a solid day at Kona:

  •  Mimi finished top 10 in the 45-49 age group!!! (11:36)
  • Rob PRd with a time of 9:43 (48th AG)!
  •  Rune went 10:59, taking 55th in his AG in his first IM World Champs!

1-DSC_0701 1-DSC_0747   1-DSC_08231-DSC_08481-DSC_0874       TFstandings1-DSC_00221-DSC_00701-DSC_00791-DSC_0111


2014 Highlight: TriForce at Ironman Arizona (2 Kona qualifications,…


One of the huge TriForce highlights of 2014 was Ironman Arizona.  Basically everyone podiumed or PRd (expect me and except for Jason who had 5 flat tires).

  •  Mimi “Usually” Winsberg won the 45-49 AG (10:40) and qualified for Kona!
  •  Rob “An Ironman per Day” Gray was 4th in the stacked 35-39 AG (9:11- big PR!) and qualified for Kona!

Rob and Mimi just raced Kona a few weeks earlier, which makes their performances extra impressive!

  •  John “Snickers” Nickerson was 6th in his AG (9:48)- 45 minute PR!  Last year  Snickers was happy just to fit into a medium bike jersey!
  •  Li Moore was 8th in his AG (9:47) in his first ever Ironman (so, PR)!
  •  Dan “Monzy” Aminzade went 10:45 (45 minute PR!)
  •  Andrew Sellergren 11:05 (30 min PR!)
  •  Robert McNamara went 12:14 (getting team MVP for a 90+ minute PR!)
  •  Jason Hable- 13:34 despite FIVE flat tires!   What a badass for soldiering on!
  •  Peter Nguyen – 2+ hour PR!  (14:14)

1-DSC_0364 1-DSC_0379

Rob and Snickers hit the mount line together (Rob promptly breaks his chain!)1-DSC_0386 1-DSC_0393

Mimi smiling on her way to a hard fought AG win.


Jason after the turnaround.  Jason suffered five flats, but kept going!


Snickers on the hunt en route to a big PR.


Monzy rocking the TF speedo en route to a big PR!


Mimi took the lead on the run and never looked back!


The unstoppable Rob Gray- 9:11 and a Kona qualification!


Snickers- big PR!


Rob on the podium- the 35-39 AG was stacked this year.1-DSC_0567

Mimi wins her AG for something like the 4th straight year!


TriForce racers and supporters celebrate winning TriClub division 5.


12 TriForcers at the Big Kahuna Half– everyone podiumed…


12 TriForcers made their annual pilgrimage to Santa Cruz to race the Big Kahuna triathlon.   Everyone either podiumed or PRd! (Except Monzy, but he managed a sub 5 and a pose down victory!)  Also congrats to TFer Dean Johnson who was first overall at the Capitolaman Full IM over the weekend and to Ken Ashcraft for an olympic distance PR at Pacific Grove.   Overall, maybe the best weekend ever for the Force!

We also had a great cheering section with TF photographer extraordinaire Caroline Bontia, Yohann (below, in the giant TF jersey), Andrew who spent all day in his speedo (per usual), Theo, and myself as well as family and friends of TFers waiting at the finish.  DSC_0409

Li “Gimme” Moore- first place 35-39, 4:28 (PR).



Amy Rubin – 5:50 (6 minute PR!)



Rob “An Ironman Per Day” Gray- first in the elite division (4:33) despite DI2 failure, flat tire, and going the wrong way for a couple miles on the bike!




John “Snickers” Nickerson- 2nd in 30-34 (4:40)

DSC_0547-001Sven “Swedish Fish” Mawson – 5:11- PR!  Sven knocked 24 minutes off his Big Kahuna time from last year.


Chaitanya “Hard Core” Gharpure – 5:01 – PR!    Next up– sub  5 at Oceanside next year!


DSC_0557-001Jason “Ready, Willing and” Hable- 5:10 – PR!  Jason knocked 35 minutes off his time from last year!



DSC_0574-001Peter “Do Win” Nguyen.  5:51.  OVER AN HOUR PR!


DSC_0612-001Saurabh Bhasin – 6:05- ANOTHER ONE HOUR PR!


DSC_0491-001Robert “Bobby Mac” McNamara.   5:43- massive 30+ minute PR!


DSC_0602-001Dan “Monzy” Aminzade.   4:59!   Once he finished going sub 5, he won a pose off against TriForce spectators Andrew Sellergren and I.


Jeff “So Right It Almost Feels” Wong.   Jeff did the swim leg of a relay with 2 friends from his local tri club.  They took 2nd place


Caroline asked for the butt shot:


Wonder Twins– ACTIVATE!



Oui! Oui! TriForcers Race 70.3 World Championships in Mont…


This year has been a fun year for TriForcers at the 70.3 distance with several 70.3 podium finishers and ten 70.3 Worlds qualifiers with five of us making the trip to Canada to race.  The venue and course was amazing– we all put Ironman Mont Tremblant on our list of “to do” races.   We also managed to sample the trifecta of Canadian junk foods along the way: poutine, beaver tail, and Tim Hortons.

Congrats also to all the other TriForcers who qualified for 70.3 Worlds or podiumed at a 70.3 this year including Dave Endean, Rob Gray, Li Moore, John Nickerson and Mike Coughlan.


I (Coady) was racing just for fun and for one last test and blowout of the legs before I do my last big IMAZ training.    On all those counts the race was a success and I was happy with my 30th place in my AG (4:21) given that I let a massive peloton of races in my AG pass by me about 15 miles into the ride.


TriForcer Andrew “Guns” Sellergren had a massive breakthrough– finally solving the GI issues that have plagued him at every race he’s done since high school cross country!  4:43- PR!  Andrew– “It’s nice to actually have my legs hurt during the run for once instead of having to slow down because I’m throwing up!”


Theo “Go Go” Goguley qualified at Oceanside then spent the summer riding his mountain bike to train for the Leadville 100 MTB race.  Theo whipped himself back into swim / run shape just in time for the race and finished in 4:31.  Alas, Theo failed in his goal to finish before me (his wave gave him an 8 minute head start).  He fought valiantly, but I got to hear a satisfying “awww… man!”  when I passed him with about 3 miles to go on the run.


Tim Hinton had an amazing year of 70.3 racing this year– he broke 5 hours for the first time with a 4:43 at Muncie.   He finished in a solid 4:55.   It was great meeting Tim (from Tennessee) face to face.


Mimi “Usually” Winsberg raced despite the fact that she has barely run for the last couple months (ankle injury).  Mimi finished in a solid 5:30 and her ankle held together!  Thanks to Mimi (and Theo) for being our French translators in Mont Tremblant and during our trip to Montreal afterwards.


The best part of the trip was connecting with the team members who came to race or spectate: Canadians Alex “the Moose from Belarus,” Janie “wife of Moose,” Katherine “Baby Moose”, TriForcer Rachael Maney from Charleston, photographer extraordinare Nikki (by night, Lauren by day) and of course my beautiful wife and TriForcer extraordinaire Caroline.DSC_0240


DSC_0221 DSC_0202DSC_0217 (1)